UEFA Nations League

The UEFA Nations League was founded in 2018. It was formed with the aim to rejuvenate national team football. The UEFA and its 55 member associations wished to have more competition in national-team matches, as most associations, a lot of coaches, players and fans increasingly were of the opinion that friendly matches do not provide for adequate competition. Thus, the basic desire of forming the league was to provide value addition to national team football.

The Format of the League- The format of the League features promotion and relegation. The 55 European national teams were divided into four leagues in accordance with UEFA’s national association coefficient rankings at the end of the first edition of UEFA Nations League which was held in 2018/19. League A includes the top ranked teams while League D has the lowest.

As per the latest rules, as of 24 September 2019, Leagues A, B and C will now feature 16 teams each while there are seven teams in League D, for the current 2020/21 edition. As per this new feature, 2 League C teams will be relegated to League D for the third edition of the competition in 2022/23. Those two teams will be determined by play-offs to be played between the four fourth-ranked teams from each League C group. This was done with the desire to minimize the number of ‘friendly’ matches. It would also add to the commercial value of the League as the total number of matches played would increase from 138 to 162. As for the Finals, the four group winners of League A would play each other to determine the UEFA Nations League winner. The defending champions are Portugal.

For the ongoing 2020/21 edition, the group stage matches will be played on 3,4,5 September and 6,7,8 September then on 10,11 and 13,14 October, followed by 14,15 and 17,18 November 2020. Given below is a list of the results of the matches held so far on 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th September.

Thursday 3 September

A4 Ukraine 2-1 Switzerland

A4 Germany 1-1 Spain

B3 Turkey 0-1 Hungary

B3 Russia 3-1 Serbia

B4 Bulgaria 1-1 Republic of Ireland

B4 Finland 0-1 Wales

C3 Moldova 1-1 Kosovo

C3 Slovenia 0-0 Greece

D1 Faroe Islands 3-2 Malta

D1 Latvia 0-0 Andorra

Friday 4 September

A1 Italy 1-1 Bosnia and Herzegovina

A1 Netherlands 1-0 Poland

B1 Norway 1-2 Austria

B1 Romania 1-1 Northern Ireland

B2 Scotland 1-1 Israel

B2 Slovakia 1-3 Czech Republic

C4 Belarus 0-2 Albania

C4 Lithuania 0-2 Kazakhstan

Saturday 5 September

A2 Iceland 0-1 England

A2 Denmark 0-2 Belgium

A3 Sweden 0-1 France

A3 Portugal 4-1 Croatia

C1 Cyprus 0-2 Montenegro

C1 Azerbaijan 1-2 Luxembourg

C2 North Macedonia 2-1 Armenia

C2 Estonia 0-1 Georgia

D2 Gibraltar 1-0 San Marino

Sunday 6 September

A4 Spain 4-0 Ukraine

A4 Switzerland 1-1 Germany

B3 Hungary 2-3 Russia

B3 Serbia 0-0 Turkey

B4 Republic of Ireland 0-1 Finland

B4 Wales 1-0 Bulgaria

C3 Kosovo 1-2 Greece

C3 Slovenia 1-0 Moldova

D1 Andorra 0-1 Faroe Islands

D1 Malta 1-1 Latvia

Matchday 2 will continue on September 7 and 8.

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