A bad workman always blames his tools.

The meaning of this proverb is—your success does not depend on what Kind of tools we have but how we use them.

A person may have all the equipments in the world but if he does not know how to use them he can never complete a job successfully. Whereas a person who can make effective use of what is available with him can make a success of any work given to him.

The same can be said of real life situations too. We must learn to hone our talents and tabs maximum benefit out of them and not blame destiny or fate when something goes wrong.He has an ego and the demand of the ego is that he should not confess his own fault and limitation which, in themselves, are responsible for his failure or loss. Similarly, if a radio machine is incapable of finding out the defect in your radio setting it right, he will postpone the issue by saying that he has not with him then the proper has to handle or test same parts of the radio.Men with a little beauty are haughty and vain, they are always trying to conceal their shortcomings from their friends or customers. On the other road, a really learned and wise man never quarrels with his tool, never puts the blame for his own failure on other factors with a view of hiding his faults and limitation. He is polite and not in the best show, if he cannot handle a job, he will lose no time in telling you that his is incapable of performing the job and that you should better hire the services of some more competent head.

The idea behind this expression is that a good workman would take full responsibility for any fault and not try to blame his equipment. Therefore, someone blaming poor work on his or her tools must not be very skilled.

In other words, a person who is unskilled cannot do skilled work even with the very best tools.

People use this expression to talk about a person’s work in his or her profession. However, it is also possible to use this idiom to discuss any task that a person completes.

People can generally be classified into two groups, those who have talents and those who have not. A really talented person succeeds in all the work assigned to him. He is confident of doing his work. He uses his tools in the right way, even if they are not excellent. At the same time, a person without talents even if given excellent tools, fails to achieve good results. His talents are limited. He finds lame excuses for his failure. He blames his tools for the bad work he has done. He does not want to admit that he is a bad workman. He deliberately forgets the fact that his talents are limited. Even if good opportunities are provided for the less talented person he fails to exploit the chances and succeed in life. But if the talented person is given the right opportunity, he makes use of it to the full and thereby achieves good results in life.

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