Lying: Does it give satisfaction?

Largely, lies hide truth, mystery or reality. A lie is something that is believed to be false and generally it carries a negative connotation. And it gives you a sense of success in doing that. By hoaxing the other you derive pleasure or fun out of that. Lying to another person acts as a solution to your mind’s turmoil. It gives the satisfaction of creating something new or non-existent. It is an attempt to get away with something that we don’t want to occur. You badly want to abstain from the unpleasant consequences of truth. Because you are afraid to face them, that’s why you prefer to lie. But why would someone get this feeling of achievement or kind of satisfaction after lying? Of course, it is because achievement is their top priority. Most do that out of their ignorance that they cannot get deeper and longer satisfaction by lying. At one point, when you manage to fool someone, you develop a hidden feeling of superiority complex (in clinical terms) and often lies get reflected on your face. Lies can serve as instrumental, interpersonal or Psychological ways for the individuals who use them. You get the joy of preserving the truth within your inside by not disclosing it. Some derive sadistic pleasure in duping the other by giving wrong information or creating improbity. Some do it because they are habitual of lying and then only lying can give them satisfaction. They do not understand that except instant contentment or insignificant satiety lying costs you your dependability, trustworthiness and goodwill. People tend to lying also to ensure harmony, security, freedom from fear. Do you know when you lie there is a weird feeling of achievement? It’s because we expect and wish that our excuse should be accepted by others because it is right. Sometimes people lie because they want to appear better than they are. Lying does not work every time, sometimes we get stuck badly in the situation where the only solution to get out is by telling the truth, Truth is preferable, but remember the corporate sector, as well as the business, which doesn’t work on a full truth policy. The outcomes of lying are transient that will fade away very soon. When the truth is highlighted, it makes you look miserable in your own eyes. So, if one is a self-critic, they must be careful before lying. But the one who are prudent, you cannot dodge them as they have ability to judge your false wordings. If you are lying to someone from words of mouth, your feelings/emotions and body language is expressing the truth. People come to know of the truth as you come to know of others. It is different that they would not let you know about it, as you also never disclose for not creating unpleasantness. Truth satisfies your trinity (mind, body and soul), which lying can never. Your one lie can make someone’s life hell or heaven. Learn! To tell a lie is to keep others in the dark. Lie can even seperate you from your family, friends and society. Lying can only give you satisfaction on a temporary basis but not for your whole life. So remember, do think about it before commuting.