What is Pink Tax?

Pink Tax is a invisible gender discriminatory tax that only women are subjected to pay and many aren’t even aware of it!

This increased price may not always be in the form of Tax. Pink Tax is sometimes the general marketing of women’s products at a higher price than that of men, even when the products are practically the same. For example, most salons charge more for woman’s haircut when compared to the other gender. In America products marketed towards women on an average costs 7% more than the product marketed towards men. In India when initially GST was introduces the tax for sanitary pads was 12% which was later withdrawn due to protests from the public.

Why is it that women are subjected to such discrimination?

An Australian TV anchor Karl Stefanovic wore the same Blue suit to work everyday to show what kind of discrimination his female colleagues are subjected to. While no one noticed or made any comments about his suit his colleagues clothes were said to be either too boring or inappropriate.

When there is such a huge pay gap between men and women is it fair to price women products at such a high price, this only leads to reduction in their purchasing power. At one end the society refuses to pay women properly for the work they do and at the other prices women’s basic hygiene products at such a high price, what is one supposed to do?