3 Shows That Will Lift Your Spirits

The easy availability of movies, series, documentaries, et cetera of all over the world has certainly changed the way people spend their free time. In this field, humans have come a long way from public book readings to applications having innumerable media on your phone as the primary source of enjoyment. Thus, the definition of entertainment has developed a lot over time along with people’s perception of the word. 

In today’s world, a perfect night-in alone or with friends involves a bucket of popcorn and Netflix. Applications which provide media services on your mobile phones and other gadgets greatly appeal to people as they enable us to watch our favourite movies and shows anywhere and anytime. These applications have all genres, from old rom-coms like Pride and Prejudice to newest thrillers like Sherlock Holmes. 

Here are some shows that will make you instantly fall in love with its characters and bring a smile to your face –

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a show which combines two of our favourite genres- rom-com and crime. In this show, a group of the finest detectives of Brooklyn led by Raymond Holt, their Captain, find love and friendship while solving crimes together. We find everything we crave to see in a show, a romance like Jake and Amy’s, a friend like Charles, a father figure like Terry, a leader like Holt, a quirky friend and problem solver like Gina and a smart, tough companion like Rosa. It picks you up when you’re feeling down and gives you a few extra laughs when you need them the most. 

One Day at a Time

A good plot, a family of intriguing characters and their journey of finding themselves while coming closer together is what this show is made up of. This series gives us a good laugh while teaching us important life lessons. This show is quite quirky with a Cuban grandma, an army veteran mom, a lesbian daughter, a cool son and their landlord who is just as much a part of the family as others. Its uniqueness makes it all the more interesting and you won’t be able to stop yourself from hitting the next episode button once you start the series. As reflected in the title, One Day at a Time, this show tells us to take it easy as we can get through anything if we have our family. A few tears will be shed but they’re nothing compared to the happiness this show brings! 

Rick and Morty

What happens when your universe-renowned grandfather takes you to different planets for some out of the world adventures? This series has the most-twisted and exciting grandpa, Rick, who goes on different trips with his math-hating, Jessica-loving, a little academically slow grandson, Morty. Their family faces ups and downs, Morty’s sister accompanies them on some of these trips, they make enemies and friends from all over the galaxy and at the end, come back home. This animated series wakes up the child within but, at the same time, has storylines fit for adults. It’s a perfect show for a good weekend binge. 

Let’s turn off the lights, take out our favourite snacks and relieve some stress by watching these great shows!

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