Attendance Manager- plan your day

Every student will be very strict, punctual to classes until he becomes to a Under Graduate or equivalent degree course. Once a student enters a UG/degree course, the student may change. He may look at watch once in every ten minutes not to attend class on time but waiting to the end time of the class. The students might had spent 8-12 hours in college, school in intermediate, 10th standard respectively. So, once they join a UG/degree, their mind will be running away. But there is a firewall called ATTENDANCE. There are many rules regarding this attendance- every student should have at least 75% overall attendance to qualify for semester examinations, the student should have minimum 75% attendance in each subject in order to not to get detained in that particular subject. If a student is detained then he/she has to study the same subject in the coming semester also. For hostelers, in some institutions, the leaves are granted based on the attendance. keeping aside all these, we all want to BUNK CLASSES. Every student will like this and excited at this. But we should maintain our attendance to avoid academic problems.

So, what can we do? There is a way, that is you should keep the record of your attendance or simply you should track your attendance. how do you do that? Do you take a pen ad paper and keep a tick mark for all classes? No, that would be a boring process. Don’t worry we have a very smart option, mobile applications.

Do you believe that an app can maintain your regular attendance, gives your attendance percentage of each subject, also tells you the chances to bunk classes? Now, I’m going to provide you a list of three apps that helps maintaining your attendance.

  1. Attendance Manager

This app provides the subject wise status of attendance, provides us an option to set attendance goal and has good user interface. This app is also available in Dark Theme. We can track history of our attendance and also provides us timeline view. This app is available in Google Playstore.

   2.Attendance Register

This app provides percentage of attendance maintained, the   number of absent classes in a month and also the number of absents of each subject, also provides subject wise attendance. We have an option to set app lock within the app i.e. PIN & Fingerprint protection, available in dark theme. We have an option to add notes for any day i.e. we can give reason for our absence of particular class. This app is available in Google Playstore.

  3.Kodalog- Attendance Manager

     this app has an option to set timetable of our course, provides us the option to set attendance goal. The best part of this app is Predictor, which predicts the classes you can miss and cannot miss in order to maintain your attendance. this app’s background will be in light red color. This app is available in Google Playstore.

These are some apps that provide all the facilities that a student wishes, with good user interface. There are many apps like these which helps you to track your attendance and plan your activities, make your day stress free. Hope you like this.

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