Bizzare Indian Superstitions

 As the world has entered the era of drone delivery & Chandrayaan launches, yet it fails to get rid of age-old beliefs that have no scientific or logical reasoning behind it. The Cambridge dictionary defines superstition as “a belief that is not based on human reason or scientific knowledge but is connected with old ideas about magic & etc. “
  This blind belief upon superstitions turns one into a mentally-weak, peevish & ridiculous person. This directly or indirectly causes retardation in the progress of the country.
  Although this blind trust upon superstitions is not the same as faith. Exemplary support to describe faith can be the existence of God. It’s not a superstition to believe in his existence. Faith is necessary for a man’s existence. This theism instills the quality of being religious & god-fearing thus ennobling one morally & spiritually.  
There are still many people in the country who believe and follow many of such beliefs and superstitions. While superstitions are usually attributed to lack of education, well-educated Indians also follow these superstitions quite blindly. Although you can’t make out the reason behind them. But they are still being followed within some Indian societies with utmost sincerity. So here is a collection of 10 super-weird & fun superstitions curated just for you :
1] A black cat crossing your way hints one to delay or postpone the work. To tackle the situation, people usually tend to change their way or direction, avoiding to take that particular path that the cat crossed.
2] The hooting of an owl & moaning of dogs are considered to be a bad omen.
3] This has to the most prominent Indian superstition by far. Having a spoonful of sweetened curd before heading out, to begin with, something important is considered auspicious.
4] If a crow is calling by your place, implies you are having guests. On the contrary, a crow’s shit is also implied to bring good luck.
5] Getting hiccups hints that someone is probably thinking of you.
6] Adding a rupee to the cash meant to be given, is considered auspicious.
7] One can easily spot some chilies & a lemon hanging by a string in front of shops in India. This is believed to avert the evil power from your place.
8] There’s a right time & period to cut hair & nails. One shouldn’t cut his nails or hair on Thursdays & Saturdays. Plus also not in the night time.
9] No. 3 or 13 is said to bring bad luck. So one must avoid these numbers.
10] Wearing rings of different stones & metals is said to bring good luck.