Book Review : Mastaan 

The Fallen Patriot Of Delhi

Vineet Bajpai

Vineet Bajpai has done it again… after the immensely successful and thrilling Harappa tri-series, he is back with a bang, and how! This time, with a book on the First War of Independence. This book actually surpasses the first 3 with ease; for reasons as to why it is so special, read on! Suffice it to state for the opening paragraph here, that this is a must read for all Indians. Kudos, Vineet – and thanks for a really special landmark book!

I have called it a special, landmark book : the reason for that is that is presents a look at 1857 that is very different from the commonly understood view, that of a spontaneous uprising in anger against the British. The reality, as I have highlighted on my blog through a few articles based on history books including one period book from 1885 – is very different. 1857 was not a revolt neither was it spontaneous. There is evidence to prove it was planned, and had wide support. There is also evidence to support the people’s anger.
However, we must remember this is not a history lesson, and this book is not a history book. It is historical fiction; thus, there has been some deviation. More of that later. More critically, this is a book that helps to popularize the reality of 1857, and takes it much closer to the people. Common people don’t normally read history books, or watch historical videos. But a fiction thriller – it generates conversation, gets consumed, and becomes popular. Thus, if the book helps to propagate the reality and assists in the dissemination of a more correct impression in the public, so much the better.

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