Any business whether B2B or B2C or B2B2C have 4 major pillars. If you want your business to get success give your 100% focus on these 4 P’s and you will see the results. Design and decide these factors from the perspective of your customer and not by your own assumption do market segmentation well.These 4 P’s are

  1. PRODUCT- always I repeat always focus on PROBLEM SOLVING PRODUCT be an observent person observe the problems around you and ways to solve it. One problem solving idea can make you millionare almost all successful startups came with a problem solving idea.
  2. PRICE- it is a very crucial point you have to price your product very cautiously neither you have to under price nor over price because if you under price you will land up with wrong customers and if you over price your competition will have an edge and it can kill demand of your product.
  3. PLACE- imagine a comb shop in front of a bald treatment hospital is that a right place? Obviously not, placing does not only means physical placing but also placing your product in market whether as a premium product or a low cost product.
  4. PROMOTION- once you are done with the above 3 factors then start promoting it in your target market highlight the key BENEFITS of your product in promotion campaigns identify the strength and make it as a strong front for your complete marketing strategy.

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