Punjabi gangs’ claim to shame in organised crime.

Oscar-nominated Canadian filmmaker Deepa Mehta’s flick Beeba Boys, the only movie to have brought the spotlight on Punjabi gangsters in North America, may have got acclaim, but it doesn’t strike a chord with the Canadian police. Violence perpetrated by Punjabi gangs remains a hard reality in Vancouver, Surrey and Brampton today. Bringing professions like trucking and transportation, largely run by Punjabis, under the radar of law enforcement agencies.The annual report of the Canadian police ranks Indo-Canadian gangs at No. 3, in terms of strength in British Columbia, only behind the notorious biker gangs and Asian criminal organisations such as the Triads and Vietnamese drug clans. Punjabi mafia groups include the Dosanjhs, Johals, Adiwals, Buttars, Dhaks, Duhres, Grewals and many more. Some have become dormant over time, while others have been active since the 90s. Gangs like Red Scorpions, Hells’ Angels, Independent Soldiers and United Nations, have members from all ethnic groups; but the immigrants, of whom Indo-Canadians form a major chunk, comprise a sizeable part of these.

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