Side Effects of Green Tea on Women

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The favorite drink of today and best touted as ‘weight- loss aid,’ green tea is a choice of many but when it is a high source of antioxidants and helps us in many ways, it can have some adverse effect on women’s health according to some studies. It is always suggested that green tea helps women during menstrual days by alleviating cramps and giving relaxation. But some studies have presented the harmful effect on it if drunk in excess. I will try to throw some light on those aspects:

The first side-effect is that drinking green tea in excess may increase premenstrual syndrome commonly known as PMS during periods, due to which she may suffer from headache, mood swings, irritation in body, abdominal pain etc.

The second one is that it increases anxiety as during the menstrual period, a woman goes through hormonal changes and excess caffeine content of green tea restricts blood vessels which triggers tension in the body and the by-product comes in the form of anxiety.

It also causes breast tenderness in women if green tea is drunk in excess as the fluid gets filled inside the breast and forms lumps. It leads to more production of urine and hence leads to dehydration.

The fourth side effect which is really grave is that excess green tea leads to iron deficiency in women as it does not allow body to absorb iron completely which results in anemia and as the women need more blood and iron content in their body during these days it leads them to have more painful journey rather than alleviating the pain and negatively affecting menstrual cycle.

Drinking one or two tea cups of green tea is helpful but drinking more than that can lead to problems. When we hear that something is good for us, we tend to overdo it. And that excessive habit changes the positive effect to negative effect. If anyone is seeing such changes in them, they should definitely go to a health care expert and take advice. 

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