What does it take for a boy to come in lime light??

I personally think hashtags were made for a boy and by a boy.. I mean, ComeOn if you are a girl, and your account is not private.. instagram will automatically put it on a explore section..

But, for a boy to get to explore section, he needs six pack, or a very good content and lots of effective hashtags

I don’t know about girls, but pretty sure on Instagram there’s no periods for them to come into  lime light.
No offense. But being a boy it looks cliche to see someone using same body to get followers and also pointing fingers on others in real world for that same body..
I mean, wtf man!!

If the world is male dominant, then social world is all about women.

One thing I would like to answer, I know girls have got so many problems in real life that a man can’t even understand, or women don’t want them to understand. And if there two gender, then how can you think that only one gender has got problems. Man have also got many problems, and we are dealing it not transferring it on other gender.
If a  girl is not getting freedom as a boy get, then how come It’s only a problem of a girl who is not getting any freedom, it’s simple, like if you got a work to do, you will get a responsibility to and tension or pressure regarding that responsibility which you can’t even discuss because you are a man, and man don’t discuss it in front of other men and also with Women because somewhere she will be  like, I got a man who is complaining. Huh!!

I don’t know if you are actually getting it or not but there’s some reality which men are not looking and women are keeping there face on different side.

Tell me what you think about it and don’t be offended.

See yaa.

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