Why Pune tops in COVID-19 cases across the Country

Total no. of cases in Pune crosses tally of 2 lakh mark with total of 2,04,037 with active cases of 61,363 and recovered cases with 1,34,527. Pune is now top of the list in whole India. Pune has surpassed Delhi in recent days. As India as country is still not able to deal with the Corona Virus, in fact it is somehow struggling badly which has put India in leading no. is terms of cases in top with 1 other countries. These countries are trying everything to control the spread and reduce it somehow. India has surpassed Brazil with 67,007 new cases last day.

India is too giving many advices and steps to increase the effective check-ups and trials to get more hold on cases and minimize it by making every little effort. Now check-ups are happening at more faster rates. Daily tests conducted is reaching 4-5 lakhs in numbers.

Doctors have now called for more tests across the state’s rural areas and non-metropolitan zones to reduce patient load on hospitals in the major cities. There have been several instances of critical patients from rural areas being rushed to hospitals in the major cities after initial delays in treatment.

Every week, at least a dozen patients — with serious Covid-19 — are being moved from the rural areas to units such as Sassoon General Hospital, Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital or the Aundh Chest Hospital. And specialists said it’s these cases, which have already entered the critical stages of COVID-19 infection, that are some of the most difficult to treat
For example, in June, it was estimated that 20% of all admissions at most hospitals in Pune city were from outside Pune district. In past few days, frequency of corona positives has increased gradually as cases has started to come from rural areas. Earlier most of the cases were coming out of urban areas as there were not much contact with deeper village areas. However as effective ways for corona are reaching there so it is spreading,

In August, Pune’s first Sero survey found that over 50 per cent of residents from five high-incidence areas in the city have been exposed to the COVID-19 infection. Pune is also the only district in the country which has crossed the 50,000 mark in terms of active cases. The district now has 54,760 active cases with 1,23,292 declared recovered.

The senior Pawar’s intervention, in fact, seems to have been triggered by the death of a television journalist last week after he reportedly could not find an ICU on time. Pune authorities are blamed for failing to create adequate health facilities, with instances of coronavirus patients dying because of non-availability of ICU.

The survey, which is done to detect the presence of specific antibodies and assess the prevalence of a disease in the population, was conducted by taking samples of 1,664 respondents. The main reason behind this surge in Coronavirus cases is the increase in the number of COVID19 testing. Pune is having the greatest number of coronavirus testing in Maharashtra. The number is twice that of Mumbai. Pune authorities have ordered one lakh antigen test kits in July and have ordered another one lakh recently.

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