BIO METRIC Technology

Bio metric is used to determine the person identity on the basis of its physical characteristics.For example, voice recognition systems work by measuring the characteristics of a person’s speech as air is expelled through their lungs, across the larynx and out through their nose and mouth,Fingerprint scanner how bio metric is useful lets understand.Every time you unlock a smartphone screen with a facial recognition, ask Siri for a weather update, or log in to your online bank account using your fingerprint, you’re using bio metrics. You might use the technology every day to authenticate your identity or communicate with a personal device, but there are plenty of other uses for bio metrics.

bio metric is like two step verification first you need to claim your identity by punching your card then by scanning your fingerprint you need to prove your identity isn’t it amazing!.


1 The very first advantage is that nobody can replicate the information. Because every individual has unique characteristics.

2 It provides more security than the old paper work and password methods.

3 Easy to use

4 Its Accountable


1 cost could be one disadvantage.

2. data breach could be there as hackers can steal the information

The bottom line is that this technology is very impressive as its helps in identification of the person with his unique physical characteristics there are many types of this technology such as iris identification,fingerprint,face,voice.each of the types have their own pros and cons.

Bio metric technology offers very compelling solutions for security. Despite the risks, the systems are convenient and hard to duplicate. Plus, these systems will continue to develop for a very long time into the future

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