Priya Yadav,

I think nowadays we are taking the word ‘equality’ in the wrong sense. Equality does not mean to be exactly the same. Here it means equal, equal chance, equal respect, but not equal work. If you get equal in the activity, you will bring the woman in a state of harm in most areas of life, and in some other areas of life, the man will come in a state of loss. More than this, inefficiency will spread everywhere. Women will try to do in which men are better, men will try to do that in which women are better. In this way, both works will get messed up. See, with training, everyone can do everything. But natural ability must be used. If this is not done, the level of activity will be average. Therefore it is best to use the natural ability.

Now the question is, who will decide who should do what? Why should it be decided beforehand what a man should do or what a woman should do? It should be allowed only to decide that person.

We are proud to be 21st century Indians who celebrate happiness when a son is born and if a daughter is born, they are peaceful even when no rule has been made to celebrate. So much love for the boy that in the desire of the birth of boys, we have been killing girls since ancient times before birth or before birth, if fortunately they are not killed then we find many ways to discriminate with them throughout life. Let’s take it.

Today the circumstances have changed a lot and many activities can be done by both men and women, which was not possible in earlier times. Thousands of years ago, most people lived in villages and there was forest all around. There were wild animals everywhere. At that time, tigers were not like cats, which needed protection. They were very dangerous creatures, which made you panic. At that time there was no shop from where anything could be purchased. You had to hunt every day or bring something to break. The man was definitely fit to go out and do this job. There was also a biological responsibility for the woman, to have children. If she went to the forest with a small baby, she might have to return empty-handed. Therefore, because of children, the woman was kept safe and the male went out in search of food. This was an ideal sharing of work.

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