Find happiness in little things!..

In a small village, there lived a family of a farmer. The farmer had two kids, a boy named Gana and a girl Meena. Both mother and father used to go to farm daily for work. Gana and Meena used to go to school at that time. Their school was handled by an NGO which offered quality education to the unprivileged children. Both the kids used to study well. The younger one Meena always had a fascination towards the mall. She used to watch it in the cinemas and had a great fantasy about it. They never got a chance to visit the city, so they never saw a mall which added into their fantasy. Meena used to always talk about the mall. The shops, the lighting, the food courts, Meena was fascinated by all this. She always asked Gana to take her to the mall. Gana loved his sister very much. But he also knew their financial condition, so he kept on avoiding her demand. But secretly he was saving some money every day so that he could take her to the mall one day.
Few days passed and now Gana had enough amount of money to buy and eat something from the mall. But he didn’t tell anything to Meena. All the farmers of the village used to sell their vegetables in the city. Then one day, they got an order from Jordan mall of the city. When Meena got to know about it, she rushed towards her brother and pleaded him to take her to the mall. Firstly he acts like resisting but later agreed to take her to the city. Both Gana and Meena went with the truck to the mall. They only had time until they unload the vegetables and receive the payment. When Meena reached the mall, she was very happy. She was literally dancing with joy. Gana also felt good watching her happy. The lighting, the shops, everything made them feel that they’ve come to a different world. Meena they took him to a garments shop. But by looking at their cloth, the shopkeeper didn’t allow them to come in. This thing happened with a few more shops. Both Gana and Meena felt very bad. Then finally one shopkeeper allowed them to come in. Meena purchased a dress for her there. She was looking pretty in the new dress. Now after wandering over the mall, both of them were very hungry. So they went to the food court and ordered a burger and pizza to eat. They were eating it for the first time in their lives. Till then, they didn’t even know that a food item costs this much. When they had their first bite, they hated it totally. Both of them missed their mommy made roti chatni badly. By the time they could finish it, driver uncle called them back. Now it was time to return.
They were travelling back home. Gana was trying to talk to Meena, but she wasn’t speaking much. Gana got that she must be thinking something. When they got home, Gana made her sit and asked her what happened. She hugged him and said,” Sorry Bhaiyya! I unnecessarily forced you to take me to the mall”. It looked so fascinating on the TV but it wasn’t in reality. Shopkeepers there looked at us with hatred. They didn’t even allow us to come in. They asked for money before we buy to eat anything. It made me feel so bad and poor. Our world is way better than the mall world. Here, shopkeeper chacha takes me to his shop, make me select whichever dress I want and don’t even ask for money, cause he believe us that we’ll pay for sure. The hotel owner uncle let me eat my favourite dishes. When I return, he hands over chocolates to me, each time. He also never asked for money. I always felt like a family there. But when I went to the mall, I got to know this side of the world. Our world is the happiest Bhaiyaa, I’m very much happy here, she said. Listening to her words, tears rolled down by Gana’s cheeks.

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