How to create Multiple happiness streams in your Life

When it comes to increasing financial wealth, many experts have said it’s wise to diversify and create multiple streams of revenue or cash flow. The same goes for increasing happiness.

The reality is most people don’t. Instead they rely on one stream of happiness. Relying on one source creates a dependent relationship and can become troublesome, especially, in the case of a pandemic, if that source becomes unavailable to you.

A way to resolve this is by creating multiple streams of happiness. The following are the three key streams of happiness that will level up your business, well-being, and fulfilment.

Level One: People: People are the easiest source to tap into your happiness. If you are not spending a lot time with anyone but specifically those who make you happy, this will severely impact your happiness, business and eventually healthy. As entrepreneurs are very much aware of the stories of depression, increased anxiety, lower motivation, and lack of physical care-taking, to combat that it is vital to install social connection as a daily practice. Having close connection has proven to lessen susceptibility to premature death, better handle to stressful events. Creating more social engagement, especially during this pandemic, when we are not able to be physically close, has more important than ever. These connections will provide you happiness and joy. Studies have shown ever talking to strangers can make you happier. This is completely opposite of what we have been taught growing up. Yet your business and future are dependent on connection with strangers. If you do not have close relationship with them, having a conversation over zoom or just shooting a test, can improve your health and happiness stream.

Level Two: Places: We have the ability to create or go to environments that bring us joy. During a pandemic, you may feel limited in where those places are. Let’s take a look at three types of environments. The first is inside your home. This could be ‘work from home’, world, it is even more important to have spaces inside your home that are not work-related and specifically designed to make you happy. The second is public and available open-air locations such as parks, beaches or trails. Exposure to these places will ground you and naturally increase your self-esteem and happiness. The third are virtual places. We can use video conferencing tools and each tech platforms such as social media and meet up apps to socially engage. Whether it is attending a virtual concert, yoga or meditation class or pub trivia, finding and knowing you can always have access to these places will virtually guarantee you moments of joy, especially if you have not had those experiences in a while.

Level Three: Things or Experiences: While it is nice to have people around and places to go have fun, what you do to have fun is vital. The more time you experience the moments of your life, the less you worry about the stress that come as an entrepreneur, the more you experience gratitude. Even though combining these three streams create the maximum impact on happiness using them as separate streams will make life happier, more joyful, and in the long term, create more success for you as a well-balanced entrepreneur.

Whether it is through social engagement, environments or experiences, having diversity in creating of joy will create sustainable, long-term happiness even in the most stressful of times.

While being able to rely on a single source creates security in anything, what creates even more security in expanding beyond just one source of reliability. And this applies to virtually everything in life. Your business and soul will thank you.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article. We will be back with more exciting topic during this pandemic crisis time. But for this you all have to stay connected with us.

Till then goodbye. Have a nice day. Stay at home and stay safe. Always stay healthy and be the sponge that absorb all kinds of negativity and emit all positive vibes.

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