Music To The Soul

Everybody loves listening to music be it classical music, hip-hop, pop, jazz, rock or something else altogether.

Human brain can distinguish between noise and music, identify tune and rhythms, this of course serves a purpose. Various studies have been done to show that music indeed helps in improving a person’s health and quality of life. When we listen to songs that we like our brain releases a chemical known as dopamine which has a positive effect on our mood and in some other cases music can also make us sad, feel confident or even fearful.

Music even has the power of uniting people and brings a sense of oneness in them. There are national anthems which is respected by every citizen in their country. There were poems, tunes and songs written to bring a sense of nationalism in people pre-independence in many countries and if we had to looks at it in a modern sense with respect to the present times we see huge fandoms for singers like Beyonce, BTS or One Direction, their songs bring people together.

But what kind of impact does it have on health?

The release of dopamine makes one happy and reduces stress. Stress is the number one reason for many ailments like heart diseases, diabetes, depression, asthma etc. reduction in stress automatically reduces the possibilities of these ailments. It is also studied that listening to soothing music for a while before sleeping increases the quality of sleep. Research also shows that music helps improve memory, the repetitive patters and tunes help our brain form patterns that help enhance our memory. Music gives comfort not only to adults but children as well.

The positive effects of music gave rise to a new branch of therapy known as music therapy. Music therapy helps treat variety of health concerns. It helps maintain physical, social and psychological well being of a person. It involves various activities such as listening to music, singing or playing an instrument. Music therapy also requires trained therapists who conduct these sessions.

Music is part of every living being, we hum, sing, dance, plants rustle and sway with the wind. Next time pay attention to these rhythms, take them in and enjoy it wholeheartedly. Music is indeed meant for the soul!