Tigertail (2020) is about a young Taiwanese man, Pin-Jui (Tzi Ma) who leaves his homeland and the woman he loves to look for better opportunities in America. Many years of monotonous work and a marriage devoid of any love affect him deeply. He isn’t able to sympathise with his daughter and he must reconnect with his past in order to finally build a life that he always dreamed of having.


I loved this movie. After watching a lot of heavy and intense films this week, Tigertail was a warm and breezy peek into the life of this lonely man. All of you would relate to him a little bit. Alan Yang who’s the co creator of Master of None, and Parks and Recreation has crafted a poignant tale about love, regret and passion. A lot of it is based on his father’s experience of adjusting in America after moving from Taiwan.


The writing is what you’d expect from him, it’s sharp, and I loved the mellow and soft atmosphere that he’s gone for. The pacing is meditative and it’s perfect, it hits you right in the feels and gives you time to process what you’re seeing. The meditativeness also creates a soothing mood perfectly.


I loved Tzi Ma in The Farewell and here also he’s given a brilliant performance. He plays this stern but soft man. Alan Yang has told the story from an empathetic lens, so you empathise with him and you understand why he is the way he is.


A few nitpicks I had are that some characters aren’t that well fleshed out, and the script       does seem a LITTLE undercooked at some places.


Apart from these minor nitpicks, Tigertail is a brilliant movie that I thoroughly enjoyed. Do check it out if you want to watch something light and breezy.

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