AI (artificial intelligence) concept.

Artificial intelligence has became the word of mouth these days everyone is wishing that their job should not get affected by Artificial intelligence. No doubt artificial intelligence is changing the equations in the business world and cutting down the manpower in various businesses. But what is Artificial intelligence ? what is it’s use? Basically Artificial Intelligence is a Method In Computer science where it is taught to understand and mimic human conversation and human behaviour.


  1. UNDERSTANDING CONSUMERS BEHAVIOUR- The whole marketing revolves around the the consumer behaviour it is the pivot of the complete marketing plan. Researching and analysing the consumer behaviour is a tough and time taking process still the accuracy is not guaranteed but AI has made it very simple and least time consuming. It provides accurate data about buying patterns and latest trends of the market which are very important to lay down the marketing strategy.
  2. MORE EFFECTIVE- AI has increased the effectiveness of marketing. Digital marketing has become more laser focused targeting only the potential buyers and neglecting the others. AI helps the marketers in scrutinising the audience base.
  3. RISE IN ROI- Increasing ROI is the prime duty of any marketer the amount spent in marketing should give maximum return in the form of sales and conversions.


  1. CONTENT CREATION- Content lies at the center in the Web of digital marketing you need content to promote your business on which ever platform. Making a high quality content is a time taking process but with the help of text AI it can be done in a very less span of time for example contentcal.
  2. PRODUCT RECOMMENDATION– Many emails commerce sites like Amazon uses AI for recommending products to its visitors. The AI tracks the interest and behaviour and recommend products according to it.
  3. CHATBOTS- Many business use chatbots to handle customer enquiry it is a very good way of providing a high level of customer service The AI itself reads the query and give reply according to it. Customer get enquiry settlement 24×7 which increase the prestige of the company.
  4. DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT- You can save yourself from hiring expensive designers and developers if you have good access to AI. AI can do Web design and development in comparatively less time and expenses.
  5. PREDICTION- Like a human mind have tendency to make predictions the AI also have the characteristics of making predictions on the basis of past record and current circumstances it is used in weather forecasts and aviation industry to know about atmospheric conditions. It is also used in digital marketing to predict the upcoming trends in the field.

CONCLUSION-AI is the 8th wonder on this planet it is bringing a new revolution not only in business but in almost every field Digital marketing is going to have a great impact of it marketers will be able to make more effective and efficient marketing plans AI will reduce the time and cost and will definitely speed up the process.

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