Let’s Promote Child Education

“Education begins the moment we see children as innately wise and capable beings. Only then can we play along in their world.”
But unfortunately, there are many children in our country who are yet far away from education. Yes, I am talking about those little buds that must be withering somewhere today. There are still 72 million children in India who are far away from education which is the most important and basic right of a child. And the main reason for which they are deprived of education is their economic circumstances. Because of which they have come so far from education. For this reason, they have to do work like begging, stealing, and what we do later is that we badly abuse them. Friends, we all must have seen the children spreading their hands on the road for the sake of some money. But have you ever thought that why they want to do this or they have some compulsions?

So let me tell you today what their compulsion is – society today stands at a level where education is called a mirror. And this thing is a great example in itself to explain the importance of education. A survey by Child Welfare found that most of the children are deprived of education because the condition or situation in their houses are not good due to which their parents send them to earn wages for living. Their father’s one-day earnings could not even complete the ration. In a poor family, a girl child is assigned household chores and the boy child is sent to work outside. Government’s Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan runs but may not reach the children who need it. “A human becomes a demon without education” and in today’s era, we are well aware of this. Those little hands simply dry up in someone’s house washing dishes and cleaning the dirt.

There are many noble people who are giving free education to poor children by spreading and sharing their knowledge to serve society. There are many great people who are sharing knowledge with poor children and giving free education to them so that those children can grow up and serve for the welfare of the country. So, why can’t we take a step from our side to promote the education of poor children, to motivate them and to make them aware of their rights? so that the lives of those innocent children can be improved and filled with happiness. Even if you start with one child then he or she can improve many lives.