Online Shopping vs Offline Shopping

With online shopping, you have the luxury of being able to shop the world from the comfort of your home (or wherever you are) with internet connection. Furthermore, your purchases aren’t limited, and you can switch between different websites within a click.In terms of offline shopping, it takes more effort than just waking up and logging onto your laptop. With this method, you put in more effort which takes up money (petrol costs/public transport) and time (getting ready/travel time).Due to the increasing noise of technology and online shopping, we at times forget to appreciate the fun offline shopping offers! Right from groceries to accessories, we find everything online.Online shopping is on the rise, which is leaving brick and mortar stores struggling to keep up with the loss of salesWhen comparing two different ways of shopping most people do not even think about the difference, they do both and not even realize it.

In today’s society people shop while at work, after work and on the weekends, whenever time permits. Stop and think how can I get more time in the day for family or just myself? The best way to figure that out with all the recourses we have is to go into a store and spend time looking through racks and waiting in endless lines to just purchase something. I compared going into a store verses online shopping; to see which one will save you time and money. There are many reasons for choosing to go into a store to purchase items needed.For instance, having someone assist you in finding what you need.
For the draw backing for in-store shopping is; you do spend hours looking for the right product or in the lines trying to just purchase it. Or listening to all the people around you and all the additional noises you hear in stores. Not to mention stores have set hours on when you can shop and when you can not, this is something which can change with a sign on the door. Online shopping has been growing since businesses put the first online store on the web, now you can shop from anywhere around the world and have it shipped to you directly.

Comparing the product against other online store competitors; making it easier to find the best price on the web. You can research the product and make sure this is what you need before buying it. The internet is a twenty-four hour shopping center, you can shop at whatever time you want and wherever you have time for it, making it more convenient to use online shopping. Using it can create more time for the things you would like to do. The negative side of online shopping is you have to wait until the product is shipped to you. The shipping and handling charge is increased for more expedited shipping.

Here are a couple of reasons why we think offline shopping is incomparable:

1. The happiness of offline shopping and spending time with loved once
Wasn’t shopping supposed to be a ‘feel good’ activity? Do you remember the satisfaction you felt while shopping from a brick and mortar store? That feeling has no match. Online shopping is overshadowing the tiny perks of traditional shopping. Instead of trying on the dresses, clicking a selfie, and taking your best friend’s suggestion, we check the products on the internet and imagine how it would look on us. Where is the delight in it?

2. No need to wait for the delivery
In offline shopping, you look around for dresses, pick the ones you like, try them on, buy the best ones and leave feeling content with the purchases made. Whereas when shopping online, you browse through the dresses, add the ones you like to the cart, contemplate if they would look good on you, purchase it and wait for it to be delivered home. Basically you do not get the pleasure of walking home with shopping bags in online shopping.

3. You can actually experience the product
People who shop online will agree that sometimes the product they received was either too big or too small for them. Sometimes the colour of the dress in the product image is slightly different from the one that’s been delivered. When you purchase products from an offline store, you can be sure of the size, color, defects, etc. Online shopping can at times be disappointing, but not offline shopping.

4. Personalized recommendation from sales staff
Don’t you love it when a sales representative picks a few dresses or tops saying how they would look fabulous on you? And we cannot forget the times when we really needed a suggestion from sales representatives and they have been kind enough to ensure you have a comfortable shopping experience. Right from the size of the dress to understanding your fashion preferences, you need a human to suggest the right outfit, shoe, or accessory.

5. No need to keep looking for discounts
While purchasing online, we often feel the need of waiting for a day or two more… because just in case the prices drop. Due to the changing prices, we never know the real cost of the fabric. Thank God, there is no sudden fall in the cost at an offline store. You can be assured that you have received the best and sensible deal!

6. Can’t rely on online for immediate purchase needs
Your school friends have planned a reunion tomorrow and you are eager to attend it. But, you do not have the right outfit for the get-together! Of course, you are meeting these guys after years and you want to look your best. So, can you rely on an online shopping website during such a time? No! But, you can go to a store and purchase a beautiful dress.

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