Women Empowerment – SERIOUSLY?

You speak too much,does not suit you as a woman. Oh! the length of your skirt,way too small.You being too frank with men,let me judge you first. You are so ambitious, doesen’t meet my MALE EGO. Come back early,it is not SAFE or maybe because you are a WOMAN. Bla!Bla!Bla! And oh, this society talks about WOMEN EMPOWERMENT. Where a woman can still not make her own choices, Where she still does not get the same oppurtunity as men for education.Where a woman is objectified. Her body is objectified. Where a woman can not say NO! Where her place is still in the kitchen . And they will empower her ? HUMOROUS.

This male dominated society is still not okay with women reaching heights. I don’t say all of them ,but a majority of them. A husband can still not digest the fact that his wife is earning more. Or the education of a boy still remains Important for most of the societies. The safety level is still 0 . I don’t blame the fathers who are still afraid to send their daughters alone for a night out. Because, they are just being protective. Their heart gets frightened and this is all because of the increase in women assault,molestation and rape news that we daily hear and read. From a 6 month infant to a 96 year old lady .NOBODY IS SAFE. And no laws are able to provide Women the amount of safety they need.

A society in which Domestic Violence is at it’s worst . Especially ,during the pandemic where the cases of domestic violence has risen at 10 year high during the lockdown. Women are brutally beaten by their husbands and bruised. Some raise their voices but other just swallow their anger and rage,because they are helpless on their part. There are times when a woman is employed and assaulted by the boss. Even in the film industry,where the word “CASTING COUCH” is very famous.

There is no more of dowry system,is just a myth. There are still a lot of families where dowry still exists. Love marraige is still a myth for a girl to do or for that sake live in relationships. They worship goddess Lakshmi,but they forget to respect their mothers, wives,their daughters, their female friends or colleagues.

Men tend to forget there is no society without a woman. A house is called a “HOME” when a woman makes it one. Respect women .

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