The modes of conducting business have undergone various changes in the last few decades. The development of technology and evolution has changed the way of executing business activities. Nowadays business is not only about selling and purchasing it is now exchange of values these value may be in the form of money, goods,services or brand equity .Due to these factors some latest modes of Business have emerged These new form of businesses have their own pros and cons but no doubt these business are doing well providing good amount of value and generating revenue below are some latest modes of business

  1. E- BUSINESS First thing, it is not E-COMMERCE , E-COMMERCE is a part of e business this includes e learning e shopping and entertainment . In today’s world online and digital has become an integral part of our lives.Every possible service is available online nowadays . In coming years the scope of E business is going to have a great expansion.
  2. BPO– It stands for Business process outsourcing it is difficult to perform every process inhouse that’s why business try to outsource their auxiliary process and focus on their main activity. Mostly the process which are outsourced are Marketing, advertising, customer service, tellecalling IT help desk, Data entry and many more. Outsourcing is cost effective and you get better results, just deal with good BPO company.
  3. KPO- It stands for Knowledge Process Outsourcing .Many a times business requires an expert of a certain field like legal advisor, CA,Financial planner, HR consultant, etc. but all businesses cannot afford to hire experts on full time Jobs .so they search for a business organisation who can provide them these services when ever they require.

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