Phoenix- The Mythological Glory

 A magnificent bird from ancient Egyptian, Arab & Greek mythology, that is believed to live for roughly 500 years or more. The tale dates back to 2500 years ago & its story began from ancient Egypt & Arabia. The myth goes as, when the old bird is tired, is flies back from Arabia to Egypt, The city of Sun.

The fabled bird builds a nest on the peak of The Temple of Sun by gathering some cinnamon twigs & resins. This is followed by the sun igniting the nest, causing the old Phoenix to die in the flames. A new young phoenix arises from the ashes of the burn & preserves the ashes of the predecessor in the egg of Myrrh. Later it deposits the egg on the altar of the Sun God & heads back to Arabia, to begin with, a new life cycle. Thus no ancient authority gave it any boundation of any life span. It is believed that at a certain time phase, there’s only one Phoenix in existence. 

   The legendary phoenix is a large & grand bird that is mostly believed to resemble an eagle. It is brilliantly coloured in shining reds, purples, and golden plumes as it is associated with the rising sun and fire. This mythical bird is a symbolism of renewal & resurrection. The concept represents a bunch of themes like the sun, time, the empire, life in the heavenly paradise, Christ, Mary, virginity, and the exceptional man. 

   Its namesake, Phoenix, Arizona, reminds modern Americans that the city stands on the same site as a vanished Native American civilization.

  Some historic studies revealed that the Romans possessed quite an affection for the Phoenix. Their coins showed the Emperor’s face on one side while the Phoenix on the other. It is believed that the Phoenix itself represented Rome. As the bird stays eternal, so does the empire of Rome, with each new emperor. 

  Similarly in Islamic mythology, the phoenix was identified with the ʿanqāʾ, a huge mysterious bird, probably a heron that was created by God with all perfections but thereafter became a plague and was killed. The Egyptian Bennu, the Native American Thunderbird, the Russian Firebird, the Chinese Fèng Huáng & the Japanese Hō-ō are all believed to be associated with this mythical Greek bird. 

  In Egypt, Bennu symbolizes immortality & rebirth & was believed to be associated with the period of flooding of the Nile, bringing new wealth and fertility. While in Asia sighting of the phoenix was considered as a good sign that a wise leader has ascended to the throne and a new era has begun. It was representative of Chinese virtues: goodness, duty, propriety, kindness, and reliability. The palaces and temples are guarded by ceramic beasts that are believed to be all led by the phoenix.

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