Domestic violence reaching peak

According to the World Health Organisation violence against women tends to increase in any emergency including epidemics. Stress disruption of social and protective networks increased economic hardships and decreased access to services can exhibit the risk of women suffering violence. In the case of covid-19 isolation, restricted movement and stay at home measures to contain the spread of virus has had huge impact on people particularly women and children. As families have to live in close proximity with nothing much for recreation or stress relieving they often take shelter by being violent and this can be pointing for the more serious issue when such a situation is accompanied by a job or economic loss.

The UN has described the worldwide increase in domestic abuse as a shadow pandemic alongside covid-19. The worst part being that in situations like these victims cannot actually turn to many options. According to data domestic violence complaints are at a 10-year high during covid-19 lockdown in simple language during the first four phases of the covid-19 related lockdown Indian women filed more domestic violence complaints then recorded in a similar period in the last 10 years. Another survey suggests that among the 14.3% of victims who sought help only 7% reached out to relevant authorities but around 90% of these victims concerned only their immediate families. However this treatment cannot be justified and is not restricted to only women but also children come under its clutches no matter how much stress and personal issues a person is facing resorting to home violence should not be considered as a last resort.

Men should realise that women are no things that they can use to ventilate their anger issues,women constitutes for about half of the population and yet are considered to be weak and worthy of the neglect…we need to raise our voices against this because women deserve better children deserve better men need to realise that they should stop underestimating women because they have always prove themselves worthy.At the same time women should also ensure that they recognise their identity as individuals independent of their husband’s authority over them and should report if any instance of domestic violence is inflicted upon them.

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