Ever wonder what motivates those droves of people who sneak out of their houses at the crack of dawn every day and set off briskly for their morning walk? Well, they are clearly on to a good thing because research shows that while exercise at any time of the day is beneficial; getting your cardio rhythms up and pumping early in the morning offers your mind and body some added benefits. When you wake up in the morning, movement might not be your first priority.

But starting your day with a walk — whether it’s around your neighborhood or part of your commute to work or school — can offer your body a number of health benefits.The best part about incorporating a morning walk into your daily routine is how easily it can be done. There is no expensive fitness center membership to be bought and no major rejigging of your schedule required; all it takes for you to get started on your morning walks is some motivation and a good pair of trainers.

You might argue that walking is walking, regardless of what time of the day you choose to do it; and you wouldn’t be wrong. However, working up a cardio sweat with a morning walk will up your metabolism for the entire day and keep you feeling energized and ready to take on anything. Also, taking the morning walk habit is easy because there are fewer disruptions to distract you from your daily routine. Studies also say that endurance levels are higher in the mornings than evenings so you will be able to push yourself more and burn more calories during a morning walk than at some other time of the day.

Morning walks may seem like a very easy form of exercise when you compare it to gym routines or more intensive forms of working out. However, studies have shown that morning walks are very effective when it comes to burning fat. In fact, low-intensity cardio like walking burns 60 percent of calories from fat. While high-intensity exercises may give you better fat loss results overall, morning walking can help get you back into shape by raising your heart rate and giving you a great cardio workout.

Besides being a great way to get some exercise right at the start of your day, morning walks also make you feel happier and set a positive tone for the rest of the day. There are a number of ways in which morning walk improves your mental well-being. For starters, the brisk exercise releases endorphins — happy hormones that give you a mood boost; the rush of energy revs you up for the rest of the day, and studies have shown that walking briskly  for half an hour to an hour has a significant positive effect on those suffering from depression.

Walking can also help protect your memory and improve your cognitive skills. The rush of oxygen and blood to your brain when you walk makes your brain alert and improves brain function. In fact, as far as brain function is concerned,walking has more significant benefits for people over the age of 60, preventing age-related memory decline and degeneration.

Regular morning walks to improve your overall health parameters and as a result, you may find yourself popping fewer meds than you used to. In fact, experts say that going for regular morning walks may make you live longer by a year. Walking improves blood circulation and oxygen supply in the body and it leads to better immunity.

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