In the very long history of Human civilization, many languages have survived, many have thrived, many have died a slow death. Few think that Hindi is pushing other languages to oblivion. But how true is that?

Once upon a time, languages like Sanskrit, Latin and even Persian were thriving. Today, they are confined to a much smaller dominion.Is Hindi causing the death of other languages? First of all, are we really speaking Hindi in our daily lives?

We don’t speak Hindi any more. We speak Hindustani. It’s a language which is a mixture of Hindi, Urdu and Persian. Whenever you speak pure Hindi, you receive a look of amusement even from the so called Hindi speakers.

Now, is Hindustani destroying other languages? Hindustani has thrived mainly due to two aspects – Simplicity and Acceptance. It has slowly given up complicated words from both Urdu and Sanskrit and has adopted easier words. This is also the main reason why English is most popular in the world.

Any simple language will spread on its own. This is the law of nature and nothing can supersede it. It can be slowed down, but never stopped. You cannot get back Latin and kick away English. English was once a language of poor and commoner and was associated with poverty and still it spread because it kept on adopting words from different languages. This acceptance is also the primary reason why English is a phonetically incorrect language.

Due to a multiple reasons, English has been unable to penetrate the rural India, specially in North India. Hence it would be foolish to expect that English can take place of Hindustani in India within a span of a few more decades.

Hindustani is spreading and will keep on spreading as it keeps on accepting words from different languages. Any language which is not open to accepting vocabulary of other languages will die away with time.

Language is essentially the medium of communication and Humans tend to bend towards ease and simplicity.

No matter how much Indian government pushes India towards pure Hindi, it would fail. With time, even the pure Hindi might die.

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