Corporate leadership is quite different from other forms of leadership. Roles and responsibilities of a corporate are very diversified. From generating high revenue to building agood office culture every thing comes under the domain of a corporate leader. A leader is a connecting wire that connects each and every employee and make the circuit complete. A good corporate leader has to maintain a critical balance between idealism and realism. He has to take decisions which is favorable to the company but keep morality and ethics in Like other forms of leadership corporate leaders doesn’t focus on increasing the number of followers they focus on the quality of the men they lead not the quantity. A condition where most of the leaders face problem is when their employee does not perform because being over rude is also not right but taking some action is also necessary. A simple solution to it is to make score board of every employee whether clerk or even HR. Appreciate them when they perform and help them when they don’t. A good corporate leader should be an ideal for others he should be a target personality for others.


  1. PERSONAL POWER- Your position is of no use if you don’t have personal power. If you make your employees work with positional power, it will create a pressure on them which can later result in toxic relations. But if your employee admires you and feel connected with you he will obey your orders by heart.
  2. INFLUENCE- Start making an influence on the team you lead otherwise you will be a puppet. Your decision your words should have high value for your team but don’t choose wrong methods to make influence, be friendly, treat them as your family, stand with them in their personal problems.
  3. GIVE IMPORTANCE-If you are the leader that doesn’t mean you are always right and best always encourage your juniors to give new ideas, give some autonomous tasks to them, ask for suggestions, never ignore their points if it is not acceptable then point out the shortcomings and encourage to improve.
  4. PROGRESS ADVANCING- Make sure the progress of your team along with you. If you alone will keep progressing without your team soon you will loose their belief in you and you will be all alone. Your team mates should not feel left out.
  5. COMMON GOALS -The goals of your team and yours should be same. There should be no differences in the goals. The moment they will realise that their goals will be achieved by being with you, they are never going to leave you and they will give their 100% to you and your organisation

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