Akshay Kumar at “Into the Wild” with Bear Grylls

Priya Yadav,
Akshay Kumar of the film industry’s menace, shot with Bear Grylls in the world’s most popular show ‘Man Vs Wild’ Special episode OTT Platform Discovery Plus has been released. On 14 September, Monday evening, people will be able to watch it for free on Discovery Channel. Recently, Akshay and Bear Grylls shot this special episode in Bandipur National Park and Tiger Reserve.

In this special episode, Akshay Kumar made many revelations. Akshay was born in Delhi, his mother was a Kashmiri and father a Punjabi. Akshay revealed that he lived in his house with 24 people. He also shared how he reached Thailand to learn martial arts and became a waiter.

The ‘Mission Mangal’ actor revealed how he remembers that part of his life today. He said that life was good. I know that I have a lot of money and everything, but that life is different. I had so much freedom. Being a celebrity, this (now) has changed a bit and you have to protect yourself. This life is very good.

Akshay called his father his role model. Akshay also talked about his son Aarav, who is very different from him. The actor said, “He does not want to tell anyone that he is my son. He wants to stay away from the limelight. He wants to build his own identity and I understand it. I let him stay as he is Wants. That’s what I miss myself.

Let us know that recently Akshay Kumar participated in an Instagram live session with the adventurer and TV host Bear Grylls for his special episode of ‘Into the Wild’. The session was hosted by Huma Qureshi, who is working with her in the film ‘Bell Bottom’. During this, Huma asked Akshay that if Bear Grylls persuaded him to drink tea made from elephant dung, Akshay said, “I was not worried. I was more than thrilled.”

He further said I was not too worried. Because I have also drunk cow’s urine every day due to “Ayurvedic” reasons. So due to this, I did not have any particular problem. Bear said about this thing of Akshay that you are the one who is saying an easy thing to drink cow’s urine. Bear also said, ‘When people become famous, they stop working outside their comfort zone, because they are afraid of looking weak but Akshay was ready for anything.

In fact, last month, when people came to know that Akshay Kumar is going to appear with real-life player Bear Grylls in the special episode of the world’s most popular adventure show Into the Wild, then the joy of the fans was not there. People of the country and the world were eagerly waiting for September 14 to see Akshay Kumar whom he used to do dangerous stunts in films, tell martial arts tricks, jump from hundreds of feet high and walk with his hands for several minutes. Into the wild show will be seen scrambling in the world of dangers. But when people saw the show Into the Wild with Bear Grylls and Akshay Kumar, they felt disappointed. Instead of doing stunts or playing hide and seek with wild animals, Akshay Kumar was able to tell Bear Grylls his life story from 43 minutes to 40 minutes. To tell the truth, the audience had to see the wild side of Khiladi Kumar, because the way Akshay Kumar created an atmosphere on social media that he is going to storm with beer grills. In reality, Akshay Kumar played with the emotions of the audience.

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