Self Improvement

Self-improvement is the improvement of one’s knowledge, status, or character by one’s own efforts. It’s the quest to make ourselves better in any and every facet of life.September is National Self Improvement Month, a time to reflect upon your life, set new goals and take strides to make personal changes in order to achieve the life you truly wish. Observed every ninth month of the year, it gives us the chance to not only support and encourage your personal growth, but also illuminate the self-improvement movement. Today, we’re going to look at the immense business that serves the public’s thirst for self-help.We start growing in any skill by taking in new information, or reorganizing information we already know into a more useful form. 
There is no denying that self improvement has become big business, with tens of millions of people around the world look to make positive changes in their lives ever year with the help of self help products, materials, and services.Live training seminars that look to motivate, empower, and teach people to reach their potential are now a $500 million industry.

The self development industry loves to tell you that if you can keep telling yourself over and over again that you are a wonderful, worthwhile happy Human Being, that eventually you will believe it and thus it will come to fruition.Unfortunately, if at a very deep level you don’t believe what you are saying such affirmations are not only worthless, but can be counter productive.If you have low self esteem and take this approach and see no positive results, then guess what happens?Yep, you think even less of yourself for not even being able to do something so easy.

In fact, many self-help gurus and popular systems know this, and release a series of books, seminars or products that touch on all of these themes.
Increased focus and concentration

Greater empathy and understanding of others,Lowers stress levels,Increases our ability to deal with adversity ,Reduces blood pressure in those people who have higher than ideal levels,School attendance levels rise when meditation is introducedIt can lower levels of depressionIt makes people happier and more content.Improves overall health levels.

self-love is so fundamental that I can’t skip any self-improvement question without including it. The moment you start loving yourself, you automatically get into a state where you no longer get satisfied with mediocrity because you feel that you deserve nothing but the best. A person who doesn’t appreciate who he is more likely to engage into self-sabotaging, hating themselves and criticising his decisions. He’s busy focusing on the negative things about him than focusing on the opportunities lying ahead of him. Once you accept yourself you let go of the negative feelings of you not being enough, which is the first step towards self-improvement.

About 98% of the population cannot multi-task and trying to do so inhibits performance because every time you move from one thing to another your brain takes between 1 and 3 seconds to catch up and refocus.

What do you want to improve? Would you like to participate in a race which doesn’t have a finishing line? A vision for your future is the finish line which makes you take part in the race and keeps you motivated enough to continue till the end. Have a radical vision for your future and improve yourself in order to reach there.

Avoid being dogmatic and insisting your memory remembers an event exactly as it was. If you’re in an argument where somebody insists otherwise, then they are as likely to be right as you are.
person who doesn’t value what he has today, will never value what he gains tomorrow. Be grateful for your current situation and don’t hesitate to thank people who are trying hard to make you feel content. A simple thank you can improve your relationship by ten folds.

you have to know what it is you want, and then pursue it relentlessly and intelligently. Setbacks and failures happen, so it’s important to forgive yourself, learn from them, and continue to improve in spite of them. Keeping that growth mentality front and center even in the face of adversity is key.

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