What Happens When You Starve yourselves?

Your body needs energy to do anything and everything. But what happens if you do not provide the box with this energy? What consequences would occur?

  • Mechanism

 A human body is immensely active and has a smart system in itself. It has a great ability to adapt itself into the new environment and new conditions. The only condition your body has with you is health and food to eat. We all know that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It simply gets transferred. Supposing,the same are built so that the turbine spins and through which, electricity and fresh water can be obtained.  Here,mechanical energy has got converted into electrical energy. The electricity then flows to make use for domestic and industrial purposes. The electricity then,is  released in the form of heat energy. So,your body cannot really make energy. It simply converts one type of energy into the other. So unless you intake any eatables,the body does not have any energy. But…..then how do people in the hospitals for a longer period of time? Well,they are given supplements,maybe through the fluids injected into their body regularly. In fact, according to a site, supposing if a person in a condition of coma and cannot move at all. Many ,many things can happen when a person in  a state where he cannot move. First of all,the mechanical equipment, like the central line,the tubes,the cathedral( Yah,confusing to me as well) , these equipment stay at the same place,to inject the fluids. When a substance is left out,infections can commonly occur. These lines or tubes have everything that a microbe needs to grow. Now these same  lines travel  inside the patients body and not every time,it will get killed. The infection can also lead to be fatal and even statistics say that a certain amount of death occurs yearly due to the central lines getting infected. Sure,the environment in sterilized and all,but we are talking about the things which have actually happened in the past and present. Anyway,the point was that the nurses have to constantly clean the teeth of the patients and even gently jerk the hands. Almost every day. (So the next time you see some nurse in the corner,just don’t ignore them cause they are doing an awesome work out there.) But what if you stop eating,let’s say for three weeks?

  • Human fuel.

Some people call  food,the ‘human fuel of energy.’  Food is crucial for growth, development,for the organs in your body to work etc. But most people stay without food for about 6-8 hours sometime. What happens is,your body stores that glucose in the form of something called Glycogen.When you eat foods,your body previously stores this glycogen and when your body needs glucose,it will be provided in the form of this glycogen. But..then why do we faint? Fainting can be observed from many factors,the common one being when the brain does not receive oxygen. Why does it not receive oxygen? Well,many factors can be  taken into consideration,such as 

1. Standing for too much time. 

2. Standing under the sun for too much time.

3. When you do not eat food(but sometimes,the food which you’ve eaten,that food also needs energy to be converted into glucose which again makes you faint.)

After some days,your body moves into the phase of something called Ketosis. Ketosis is when your body produces  something called ketones which  is temporarily used as a fuel. But this is not enough. So the next phase is something very disturbing.Now,the body does not have any carbohydrates, so it sort of cannibalises the fats,the proteins in your body because your brain needs it desperately. But when proteins and fats are used to make glucose,your brain will be satisfied,but your body will be devastated. You’ll develop a bony structure as the body builders (proteins) have been burnt. And if you don’t stop now,it can even lead to death.

Fact- Something similar but less complicated occurs in potatoes. You must have noticed,the potatoes tend to sprout maybe due to humid Linares. How does it grow? It uses all the nutrition inside itself. But the potato will not grow until it obtains N,P,K (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium)so the sprouting is nothing but wasted

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