Why I Quit Social Media?

These days a Netflix documentary is trending everywhere named “Socia Dilemma”. It will give you many surprises and shocks. How social media business model control you and how they made you a puppet. This documentary will tell you everything about it.
Why do we open a social media account? Just to connect with friends and family will be the common answer. But do we stick to that only? Surely, not. We chat with people, connect with many and get addicted to this routine. Okay, tell me about your routine. How many times do you sneak into your social media accounts in a day? It must be more than an hour I bet. But the harsh reality behind these social media platforms is that they always spy on us. They secretly watch everything you do on your phone. I’ll give you an example. Suppose you’re looking for an electronic device to buy, let’s say mobile online and searched for it on google. The next day or the same day, you will see mobile advertisements in all your social media handles. Even you didn’t ask for it but still, you’ll see the number of advertisements. Because these platforms live on advertisements and they make us a secret medium for it. Let me tell you, privacy is a myth.
The worst thing about it is it’ll make you a puppet. You will have our phone with you wherever you go. No matter how busy you are, you’ll be checking your phone. You will always crave for online likes, comments and shares. What will he/she reply? Why he/she is not replying me? Does that mean he/she is angry with me? Such numerous thoughts will always pop up in our minds snatching away our mental peace. Social media is one of the most prominent reasons for mental disorders these days. They will always keep you on the phone. They know your psychology better than yourself. What will be your next move, what are you expecting, they know everything. It’s the time when you try to move away from your phone and suddenly a notification pops up maybe a chat notification you were craving for.
Another thing about social media is there is so much negativity. Maybe it’s your personal account or your art page, you’ll receive negativity everywhere. Someone will try to give you threats via messages or someone will slide into your DMs with unsolicited pictures. People will appreciate your work and will also show hatred for now reason. It has become such a toxic place to be in. Now few will come in the support of social media saying it connects people, let’s you showcase your art, make you find people you lost and much more. And Yes I definitely agree to them to some extent. It’s totally up to your use. How you will use it will decide who will be on driver’s seat. If you use it with all your senses at the place, then you’ll drive it and even if you give them a small loophole, they will sneak in your mental peace and drive you the way they want.

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