Child Marriage

Priya Yadav,

Along with the promotion of education, the practice of child marriage is being raised from Indian society. But a few years ago this was a terrible problem. Along with the question of child marriage, there is also the question of the appropriate age of marriage, which is necessary to decide in all countries.

The reason for child marriage are:-
(I) Religious conservatism:

Religious fundamentalism is the biggest reason for child marriage. Many Hindu scriptures have strongly supported child marriage and it has been called a sin to keep the tides of a girl for a long time. Therefore, religion also makes his parents yellow at the tender age.

(II) Intermarriage:

Due to the prohibition of marriage, caste, gotra, and exclusion among Hindus, the parents of the girl had a lot of trouble in finding the bride. Therefore, as soon as a good boy was found, as soon as the guardian of the girl was married to him.

(III) Sati practice:

Indirectly, the practice of Sati was also the reason for child marriage. When his husband died, his wife would also become sati with him. Therefore, with the idea of ​​protecting the children, they were married in childhood so that the boy could get protection in the house of the girl-boy after the death of the parents.

(IV) bridesmaid system:

A major reason for child marriage is the bridesmaid or dowry system. Due to this, many people think of marrying a girl as soon as possible after getting a bride.

(V) Joint family:

Even when married in a joint family, the boys had no responsibility for their wife and children. Therefore, there was no difficulty in getting married at a young age. This encouraged child marriage. All the above reasons except dowry are now gradually ending. Hence, child marriage is also seen to occur very rarely. Nowadays, the reason for this is high illiteracy and consequently conservatism.

In India, the first act was made in 1860 to stop child marriage, according to which the minimum age of marriage of girls was fixed at 10 years, but the public did not accept this law.

In 1891, an act was made to increase the age of marriage of girls to 13 years. In 1928, the Age Acceptance Committee strongly opposed child marriage and stated that most people do not know the laws made in this subject until now. In 1929, Har Vilas Sarada introduced a bill that was approved under the Prevention of Child Marriage Act. According to this, the age of marriage was fixed at least 18 years for boys and 14 years for girls.

In 1954, the Special Marriage Act fixed the age limit of civil marriage for boys and girls as 21 and 18 years respectively.
These legal measures have not completely removed the evil of child marriage from the country.

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