Social Media Anxiety!…

Every one of you must have heard about anxiety or depression or overthinking. Then what’s this I’m talking about. Most of you have faced fear, anxiety or stress in real life but what if things happening in your virtual world affecting your real life. This is what we call social media anxiety.
We are so much cautious about our virtual world. We think 10 times before posting a photo or art. How people will receive it, how will they react, will I get enough likes, I hope these photos grab many comments. Such thoughts always brew in our mind. This peer pressure put us in some anxiety.
Now if you’re an introvert and chicken-hearted preservative person, then every little thing in the virtual world might affect you. Social media is filled with every variety of people introvert, shy, extrovert, extrovert, pervert, marketer and many more. Life is all good in this world till the day we face people of different thought process other than us. If we meet like-minded people, we feel safe and happy and if not anxiety begins to develop. There is another thing which matters here the most. How you deal with all the hatred, threats, scary messages and people. If you’re headstrong and master in ignoring this shit, then you’re at mental peace. If you’re an active overthinker and even if little mess happens in this world, it will totally take away your peace. You will try to run away from this, but you’ll fail. Then sooner or later, this anxiety will occupy the space in your real life. You will be always thinking about that particular incident on social media which is not even a part of the real world. You will lose your appetite. You won’t be able to concentrate on your work. You will always feel some burden on your head. This mess is nothing but social anxiety.
So how to deal with it? Chicken hearted persons and introverts should try not to take virtual shit in the real world. Just keep it there only. The second most important thing is to make yourself strong mentally. Handle all this drama keeping your head calm. Don’t let it form a chain of thoughts which exist nowhere but your head. It will trouble only you. So just avoid going deeper into things. Keep it simple. Even after taking all the care, some mess happens and it’s affecting your real life, then talk to your closed ones. Don’t hesitate to open up. Talk to them. Tell them what you feel, what is affecting you. This will make you feel you’re not alone. You will have someone with you. One more thing, don’t fear if you’re not wrong. Make time for meditation, keep yourself busy. Keep phone as a PART of your life only. Don’t make it your life. Your life is much bigger and better than that. Hold yourself. Focus on things which will make you grow as a person. Take criticism as a chance to improve yourself. Free your heart from self-created destructive thoughts. Make yourself a priority before anything in virtual world.