The Power of Communication.

Communication is a process of transferring information from one person to another. But is that the sole purpose of communication? Basically, NO. Communication has a broader concept. Communication helps you to grow as a person, to speak your heart out, to express what you feel, to persuade others, to heal. Just like the picture says that even if it is uncomfortable or uneasy one should communicate in order to find peace in your mind because if you keep things inside you all you it will only eat your soul and turn ugly or rather leave you overthinking. It helps you come out of your comfort zones.

Communication helps you solve so many things. In a fight between two people if they chose not to talk to each other and remain enemies they will remain that. But, on the contrary if they think of communicating their point of views with peace, they can end up retaining their friendship again. In a class if you choose to stay quiet and not ask a question because you feel you will sound dumb, maybe that doubt will remain with you forever and your decision to stay shut later proves to be the dumb one. If you keep things in your heart that will bother you continously thus causing stress. As mature adults we should not bring in our ego and not solve a conflict that is of no use instead talk our mind and solve things that can save a relationship.

Communication does not help us in human lives but also in the business life . In order to establish a good organisation one has to build a solid communication system, both Formal and Informal. A formal communication is the one that passes through well definite channels of communication throughout the organisation. An informal communication is the one which moves freely i.e. in all directions. If a leader or a manager has to lead it’s followers or subordinates he has to be confident enough to deliver his orders or requirements so that his followers listen to his orders and not take him for granted. On the other hand the informal communication builds up unity, integrity and solidarity among them and boosts up their morale. Grapevine is the name of the informal communication. And  managers can get feedback from their subordinates quickly on the plan and policies through grapevine.\

Not only verbal communication but non verbal communication is also useful and important. The power of expressions is irreplaceable. Gestures while communicating shows that you are confident enough to prove and state your point. The happy or a sad face of your loved one gives you a hint of their mood. A confused face of a student tells the teacher that he is in doubt even though he spoke nothing. The annoying face of a person tells that he is not liking something or a frowning face tells you that the person is tensed.

Finally, it is important for a person to communicate. Your mind is the most powerful speaker,your tongue just expresses it. If you see somebody struggling with their lives ask them to talk about it .Be a listener maybe you can help them in any way. Maybe you can make them smile.

A beautiful thing happens when we start paying attention to each other. It is by participating more in your relationship that you breathe life into it.”
― Steve Maraboli

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