What’s holding you back?

Sometimes we feel the deep desire to change our life however we feel stuck. Feeling stuck might be painful but it’s the sign that confirms that you need to take a new way. It means that it’s time for something new. Whatever the direction you want to take or the dream you deeply wish to realize, it starts with the decision to move on. Only what you allow will continue.

To take action you have to understand what holds you back?

Excuses—which are often driven by fear, insecurity, or complacency—can hold you back.

Limiting beliefs, which can be influenced by an event or circumstance in your past that made you feel powerless, can also hinder your progress in life.

These beliefs exist on an unconscious level and they drive your every thought, word, and action. They are, in large part, what creates your reality. They’re also responsible for creating the discrepancy between what we say we want and what we actually do.

1) Visualize
Maybe you’re scared of failing or some other possibly negative outcome. The key is to stop focusing on the negative and visualize how to achieve your goal. Instead of being scared of failure, get excited about success. Your brain will automatically and systematically pursue whatever you get it to focus on. This is how constant negative thoughts often lead to negative results. Redirect your brain to push past your fear for success and achievement by focusing on the results you want.

2) Ask yourself
Ask yourself this simple question.  What is the worst possible result of whatever is scaring you? Be brutally honest. If you’re petrified with the fear of failing your driving test, the worst possible outcome is for you to fail. No big deal. You go back another day and keep trying until you succeed.  Imagining the worst-case scenario often bursts your fear bubble and empowers your ability to try.

3) Ignore the crowd
Many of us carry into to adulthood the fears of childhood. Thoughts like, “What if I make a mistake at the blackboard solving a problem in front of the entire class,” or, “What if I mess up while performing in the school dance performance?” These fears follow us through life and grow with us as we grow. These fears of being criticized by “the crowd” or “our peers” continue to affect us when we consider changing professions, going back to school for an advanced degree, or investing our life savings in a new business venture. Too often we decide it would be better never to sing in public than fall victim to the ridicule that might ensue. I encourage you to let your voice be heard. Put less value on the importance of other people’s opinions. Don’t allow the fear of the mob silence you or dissuade you from living your dreams. Like the oak tree, nature created you for expansion and expression — be bold.

The most powerful thing standing in your way of greater success is you. My advice is to get out of the way. Let things happen. Have courage. Take chances. Take risks. Be willing to fail. Be willing to be embarrassed. Be willing to go it alone. Don’t let your current self-image — one of safety and mediocrity keep you from experiencing greatness.

No one in the world who took the decision to make a bold life change had the certainty that he will be successful before he started to create a new life or a new project. If you do not take action, you can have the certainty you would stay stuck. Shift your perspective about uncertainty and shift your mindset.

The only way to face uncertainty is massive action and if you fail, it’ll be experience. This is also another perspective about failure. Perspective is everything.

Don’t let your fears taking over your soul desire to leave a life you he(art). Always remember that only successful people decide. Take action & small risks every day to make real your desire to write your new story. It’s time.

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