Sales and marketing both are like twins. Many people refers both as one but they are not. Marketing is reaching the target audience, spreading awareness for the brand, building trust for the brand and generating recall value. Whereas sales deals with convincing the customer, understanding their needs and to have maximum conversion. Marketing is not directly linked with sales. It’s main focus is to influence the discrete choice of the customers. Marketing is much broader than the sales. Marketing needs a proper strategy Whereas sales does not need any specific strategy if you get bulk orders you will compromise on price and if you will get regular orders you will add more services. So the sales strategy is very flexible and it depends customer to customer.

Marketing have an indirect relationshipwith sales whereas sales is directly connected with sales. Sales always focus on generating maximum revenue whereas marketing focus on penetrating the interest and desires of target audience. Marketing is establishing a brand in market .Good marketing strategy will definitely grow the sales.Following are some main differences between sales and marketing

  1. REVENUE- It is the most basic difference between sales and marketing sales is a process which generates revenue and marketing is the process of investing the revenue in increasing sales. Sales is incoming and marketing is outgoing.
  2. END GOAL- Sales and marketing differs in their end goal. Sale’s goal is to sell maximum products and generate more and more revenue revenue. Marketing focus on understanding the market segmentation, building and maintaining the brand equity, reach the right customer in efficient manner
  3. COMMUNICATION- Sales is a one to one conversation it is dealing with one customer at a time whereas marketing is the communication with a broad target audience to attract tthem towards the product so that they can be the buying customers to them.
  4. SCOPE – MARKETING is a very broader subject it includes promoting, positioning, placing, branding, trust building, understanding consumer behaviour, analysing future changes, ongoing and latest trends and many more. But sales is just confined to a customer and converting the lead into a sale.

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