Intelligence Life Emerging beyond our Planet

Despite knowing when life first appeared on Earth, scientists still do not understand how life occurred, which has important implications for like hood of finding life elsewhere in the universe.

Extra-terrestrial life or life beyond earth! This sounds quite interesting right! Let us unfold this mystery together in this article. Scroll down and be ready to unfold the mystery.

So without any further delay, let’s begin!

Some belief that extra-terrestrial life might evolve in alien worlds. Humans have been wondering whether we alone in the universe since antiquity.

Based on evidence that life emerged within 300 millions years of the formation of Earth’s oceans as found in carbon-13-depleted zircon deposits, which is a very fast start in the context of Earth’s lifetime. Emphasizing that the ration is at least 9:1 or higher, depending on the true value of how often intelligence develops.

So, according this assumption, if planets with similar conditions and evolutionary time lines to Earth are common, then it may suggests that life should have little problem spontaneously emerging on other planets too.

Researchers have discovered some Earth-like planets that may have the potential to harbour life. But what will happen if an alien planet hosted intelligent life that would built a technologically advance civilization? Can there be ‘techno signatures’ that this kind civilization on another parallel universe could be seen from earth?

NASA was the first to grant permission to study these ‘techno-signatures’-detectable signs of past or present technology used on other planets. Change is the permanent thing in the world and civilizations with the help of help of nature will need to find a way to produce new forms of energy. Actually there are many forms of energy present in the universe and aliens are not magical creatures. Right!

Likewise life can take many types of forms but one thing is common that it will be always based in the same physical and chemical principles that underlines the rules of universe. It will hold the same connection for building a civilization, any kind of technology that an alien civilization uses is going to based on physics and chemical properties. This proves that earth-bound scientists can use their lab knowledge to guide their thinking towards find intelligent life elsewhere in the universe.

There are two ways to detect life on another planets, according to the scientists.

  1. Solar panels: Stars are the most powerful energy generators in the whole universe. Then using solar energy is a very natural thing for other civilizations to use as we use solar energy on the earth. So if a civilization uses a lot of solar panels, the light that is being reflected from the planet will have a certain kind of spectral signature, signifying the presence of those solar collectors. The researchers will determine these signatures and might get a signal of extra-terrestrial life beyond earth.
  2. Pollutants: On our planet earth , we are able to detect chemical elements present in our atmosphere by the light the chemicals absorb. Examples are methane, oxygen, CFCs, the ones which are used as refrigerants. The signature of chemicals like CFCs, which will indicate the presence of an another industrial civilization in the universe.

So in these ways it can actually be detected how a technologically advance population and its planet may emerge and develop or rather can collapse together. Extra-terrestrial life is actually based on their ability to harness of energy created in the universe.

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