Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid Nitrogen. You might have seen videos of people dumping everyday objects into it,and the videos are pretty fun but,do you think so?

Liquid Nitrogen(LN2)  is a liquid which is odourless,meaning it does not specifically have any smell to it, non flammable,meaning it does not really react with fire like the sanitizers do. How? Sanitizers contain ethanol in it which is a spirit and therefore is highly flammable. Whereas,Liquid Nitrogen is a natural element in a liquid form,and which is why it does not respond to fire.

Whenever exposed to the room temperatures or the environmental temperature,it starts to create a fog. This is because the boiling point of this liquid is extremely low. The rates are around -196°C . This liquid is also used in the preservation of foodstuffs which need to be transferred. Why? Because in low temperatures,microbes are unable to grow.Mostly anyways.So it is used in maybe frozen products,to preserve them for a longer time. This liquid is also being studied for removal of some skin diseases. Many chefs and bartenders use this liquid in ice-creams and other foods. And people get attracted to the fog which it emits .Hence,making a greater profit in the business.Pretty great right? And this liquid is very freely available to the public as well.

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In the resort of Mexico in 2013,the organisers made an arrangement to pour some four  cans of the liquid into the pool of the resort for the upcoming pool party. The fog did impress the guests,but then a disaster happened

Suppose you are locked into a room. Let’s say it has suddenly started being filled with Nitrogen(N) gas. What could possibly happen?If roughly explained,the nitrogen simply replaces the oxygen which is present in the atmosphere. Our lungs do not breathe nitrogen now,do they? Wait… aren’t all gases present freely in the atmosphere? What happens is,all the gases are inhaled by your lungs. But your capillaries (through which the transfer of O2 into the Red blood cells is possible) only take oxygen.Right? Not really. Because something called hemoglobin is present in the red blood cells likes Carbon monoxide,even more than oxygen. What is Cabin monoxide(CO)? (CO) is  also a greenhouse gas which is produced by the smoke produced by the cars.The problem with this gas is that it is a half burned gas. So it is extremely harmful for your body and constant inhalation of this gas can result in many chronic issues as well. So ya, your body does inhale all the gas but mostly,only oxygen is inhaled and the rest of the gases along with the Co2 transmitted by the body,the exhalation process is done. Anyways,back to our supposition,when I do this,the nitrogen will slowly start to replace oxygen. Your body,if inhaled nitrogen cannot survive because we are very much aerobic and would only like O2 for respiration. Two things could happen at this point. Either the nitrogen will be inhaled by you which may have some disasterous consequences, and if you do not continue to breathe, eventually you’ll choke to death. Similarly,the pool party with nitrogen must have made the people’s bodies ,to respond to the gas similarly. But nothing major happened,set aside a one person who went into a coma and eight had to be hospitalized. The gas slowly returned to the atmosphere,as it’s boiling point was very low. But would it have been more fatal if the whole pool was just Liquid nitrogen. Of course !!!

The liquid is used to preserve many foodstuffs,what it would basically do is make your nerves freeze and your body would not be able to respond to you. Severe frostbite could be experienced by you. Eventually,you can even die! Now, these are all our speculations,maybe some tests were made,but still it is always advisable to not misuse Liquid Nitrogen with carelessness.In fact,try to be under an adult supervision and a plan B if things turn out to be a mess!

Fact-Some people prefer being preserved with Liquid Nitrogen rather than buried. The process is known as cryogenic freezing. Pretty cool,huh?

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