Stop Procrastinating, Do it now!

Procrastination is the thief of time. Procrastination makes easy things hard, hard things harder.

– Mason Cooley

But still, we make a habit of avoiding tasks tomorrow because we do not understand the harm caused by this habit. This habit prevents us from being successful and makes us lazy. When we postpone a task tomorrow, we are actually telling our subconscious mind that I am unable to do this task today or I do not like to do it due to our laziness or fear. And every time we postpone that work tomorrow, we often reinforce in our subconscious mind that “I am unable to do this work” and “My laziness and fear are determined by my determination to do this work are strong ”.

After a time, the “laziness” or “fear” in us becomes so strong that we either never do those tasks or we have to face a lot of trouble in doing even the smallest tasks.

How to stop procrastinating

We postpone tasks because at this time we are not feeling good about doing the work or we feel that we will be able to do this work better tomorrow. We can avoid postponing tasks by adopting the following methods –

7 Tips to Stop Procrastinating

# 1. Stop looking for excuses to avoid work and believe that the best time to do the work is today and now.

#2. Change the workplace environment. If you do not like to do that work right now, it may be because of the workplace environment. By changing the environment a little bit, we can increase our productivity.

# 3. Increase the willpower to do the work and think about the good result that will be achieved after the completion of this work. Commit that you will do this work now and right now.

# 4. Recharge yourself before starting work. Do something in 10-30 minutes that makes you feel good like meditation, yoga, listening to music, walking in the garden, watching motivational videos or taking a nap for 20 minutes of sleep, etc. This will change your mood and you will be able to prepare yourself to do that work.

# 5. Make a list of tasks on a paper and write your plan on paper. Do not waste too much time planning work. And don’t change your plan, again and again, just do the work. Planning too much is a disease that prevents us from starting work.

# 6. Concentrate on that task and stop disruptions of concentration like social media, email, etc. until the work is completed. These small interruptions waste your time and as we have less time, we start thinking about avoiding work.

# 7. Divide the work into small parts and complete it. Only think about a small part of that work at a time and concentrate and complete that small part. This makes the task easier for us and when we complete apart, our confidence increases, which strengthens our will power to complete that task.

Hope it helps!
At last, Stop Procrastinating, Start Acting!