The importance of Leadership and responsibilities of a Leader !

Leadership is the ability of an individual to motivate and influence people to attain a certain objective. In the business world it can be seen the ability of a superior to direct his works to achieve the objectives of a company. For a leadership to be effective the leader needs to have a clarity of thoughts himself and his ideas should be communicated to his followers in an efficient manner. A leader should is the backbone then. If a leader is not responsible and accountable for the work he does he can never motivate his employees.

A leader,therefore should have certain qualities. A leader should have integrity. He must have the ability to delegate the work. His communication skills should be excellent. The confidence should reflect in his personality. He must be well groomed and well mannered. He must be empathetic to his followers. The decision making skills should be rational and efficient enough to meet the demands of his employees and also serve the interest of his company. If the leader himself will not be active how will he lead his company/organisation/followers.

A leadership is of two types. A Transformational leadership ,where a leader inspires followers to transcend their self interests for the good of the organization. This is a leadership style which in which leaders motivate and inspire employees to innovate and create change that will help grow and shape the future success of the company.A second style is a Transactional leadership, where  a leader promotes compliance by employees’ through rewards and punishments. This is a leadership style that focuses on supervision, organization and performance.

The importance of leadership is various :

  1. It influences the behaviour of an individual, drives him to go in a certain direction and make sure that he is performing to the best of his abilities.
  2. He helps him employees in fulfilling their needs. The employees will follow his leader if he is competent and also if they have a good relation with a leader. People follow a leader because he provides them security and the opportunities to earn wealth, gives them the right to work and tries to understand their feelings.
  3. He brings in the required needs in today’s world of dynamism, He makes sure that everybody accepts the change positively.
  4. A good leader also helps in resolving conflicts. He lets his employees express their views and understands them thus leading to peace in the work place.
  5. Building morale, A simple gesture like providing praise for a task well done, or throwing a party to recognize small achievements, will regenerate their spirit.

There is a great importance of a leader and his leadership. He influences everything. The environment, the people, the decisions etc. Even the people should be rational in choosing their leaders. Everybody must aspire to be a leader,it helps one to grow as a person and also enhances his abilities to negotiate and express and influence.You can find meaning in leading your lives, in voicing your opinions, addressing even the smallest but most important issues and in being of value and not a burden to others.

If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”

-John Quincy Adams


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