Think Unconventionally

Let us assume that you are in a situation from which you have to get rid off someone Or in a situation where you have to save yourself. So, in those situations do you think your normal smartness or intelligence or similar decisions which you take in your daily life saves you out? Definitely no, or yes maybe sometimes but not in every case. To make yourself win in those situations you need to be extremely Smart. This is called Lateral thinking or unconventional thinking or thinking out of the box. Go through the following example situations to understand more clearly.

There was a girl who bought made loan with a money-lender. The girl was charming and beautiful. The old aged money-lender was attracted by her beauty. One day, he came to the girl and said that he would give her loan waiver but on one condition. That was, he had a bag with a white pebble and a black pebble in it. The girl has to pick one. If she picks white, she will be set to freedom. Otherwise, the girl has to marry him. The money-lender with a bad intention on the girl, bought the both pebbles of black color. The girl picked one and intelligently dropped it down. As the ground was with full of pebbles, then she said that as the pebble left in the bag is of black color, she would have picked the white one and hence she won her freedom.

A very rich man came to a bank in his very rich car. He said he wants loan and he would keep his car as an asset. The loan granting team was shocked and however granted him the loan. After 2 days, he again visited the bank and took his car back by clearing his loan. The entire bank team was shocked. A lady at the reception asked the reason behind all these. He said that he was going to catch a flight to a neighbouring country 2 days before. He was going to the airport. But, the airport maintenance is very costly to take care of his car for two days. SoSo, he came to the bank to park his car with minimum maintenance cost. The entire ban was shocked for his explanation.

A guy was once asked a very tricky question during a job interview “You’re Driving in your car on a STORMY day. You pass by a bus stop, and see THREE people waiting there. The first is the perfect woman of your DREAMS; The Second is an old friend who once SAVED your life; and the third is a lonely OLD lady who looks really SICK; If you had only one seat in your car…. Who would you offer a ride to ? Let’s think about it…. Do you pick up the old woman because she is in critical condition and you should save her first? … Do you take the old Friend ? because he once saved your life and this would be a perfect opportunity for you to pay him back?…. However, both choices leave you missing out on the woman of your DREAMS….BUT HE SIMPLY ANSWERED; “I would give the car keys to my old friend, let him drive the old lady to the hospital, and stay behind to wait for the bus with the woman of my dreams.”

These situations and the way those characters acted completely changes our outlook and also reminds us to think out of the box.

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