Ways to stay Healthy

“Heath is Wealth” and In today’s busy busy world it is becoming more hard to keep our self healthy. You don’t need to make rigorous changes in your life to be healthy just few small changes are enough lets see what are the steps that can help us to be healthy

For keeping human body healthy it needs proper nutrition and proper exercise. Proper nutrition include balanced intake of carbohydrates, proteins, fat and vitamin and minerals. Proper hydration of human body is also much important.

  1. Body posture: You heard it right, good body posture is as important as everything in your life. Good and straight spine will help you to have a healthy body.
  2. Drinking water: Drink at least 2.5 litres of water everyday. I can describe it as drink 8 glass of water everyday.One thing you should keep in mind that you should drink water at morning before brushing your teeth. Our morning saliva contains anti bacterial properties. Do not drink water 1 hour before meal and after meal. After eating fruits do not drink water for some times.
  3. Eat healthy: Do not abuse your body by having unhealthy foods. Eat healthy and improve your body and mind.Eat more green vegetable try to avoid having junk everyday.
  4. Exercise: Yes, exercise will help you to improve your health instantly. You do not need to go to the gym. You can go for a short run if you are young and you can go for walk if you are old.
  5. Don’t skip breakfast – After long night our body required food in the morning , if you eat breakfast then our metabolism boost which help in weight loss , eat fiber and protein rich food in breakfast like oatmeal , egg white etc
  6. Drink green Tea – it increase metabolism and help in weight loss
  7. Take 8 hours deep sleep – sleep is required for fitness because in sleep time our muscle growing , muscle recovery process is going on , in weight loss role of sleep is 30 % .
  8. Avoid stress this is the most important point mind needs to be healthy taking stress effects mind overall effecting whole body.

People usually think being healthy is a tough work, but it’s actually not that tough. Once you start about these as your scheduled routine, it will turn into your habit, and then it will like a perk to you.

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