Animals aren’t commodity items.

Humans who have a dog but cannot afford to get it fixed or spayed, which leads to unwanted puppies. Humans who get a dog and find it not to fit into their lives anymore and choose to get rid of it are the problem.

We’ve all seen it in movies and on TV shows: overjoyed children tearing into a perfectly wrapped present, only to discover a smiling puppy jumping out of the box. While it seems cute in theory, it can end up being a huge disaster – for the animal as well as the owner. Whether you’re considering springing a pup on your kids or giving your significant other a cute kitten, here’s why you should think twice.

All over the world shelters are swamped with dogs and cats being returned by owners who weren’t fully prepared for raising an animal. Sadly, abandoned pets in shelters are often euthanized.

It takes next to no time at all for a puppy to suffocate, so don’t even consider putting him in a box. You might think it’ll make a cute picture, but it’s not worth the risk. Plus, most people like to hide presents before the unveiling, so even if you planned on skipping the box, sticking a puppy in a garage, basement or closet can still lead to suffocation and anxiety.

They are not a new toy for your child to play with. As presented in commercials and movies that show an adorable kid lifting the lid of a box to reveal a new puppy or kitten.  But what those ads don’t show you is what happens later: The child gets bored with the pet, starts to forget about it, slacks on chores like feeding, picking up after them, and giving them lots of playtime.  The parents then have to pick up the slack, and oftentimes, the pet is returned, given away, or taken to a shelter.  Kids have notoriously short attention spans, and giving them a living creature is nota  good way to teach responsibility.

Losing your home and being abandoned by your family is stressful, scary, and traumatising for anyone, whether you’re a human, dog, cat, or rabbit.

Unfortunately giving a pet as a gift, portrays the sentiment that this living, breathing thing may be just one more thing the kids can outgrow this year.  Pets are not disposable, they are a lifelong commitment that will require a lot more maintenance than the presents wrapped under the tree.  Giving pets as presents can teach children that they are more of a commodity than a responsibility. 

Many people view pets as commodity items  – they are viewed as a new toy or something to play with. In reality, pets require a great deal of care and they can eat up a lot of your time. Countless numbers of pets are given up to shelters or taken in for euthanasia due to “behavior problems” that could have easily been prevented.

Before you buy that fluffy puppy in the window at the pet store as a Christmas gift for your child or loved one, think carefully about whether it is really the right choice. Tragically, countless pets given as holiday gifts end up in the shelter system and many of them never end up finding a new home. If you do decide to give a pet as a gift, put the time and forethought into the decision.

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