Bollywood Songs That Shouldn’t Be Played Anymore

Songs have a lasting impact on our mind and leave us humming the same tune for weeks. However, we often don’t pay attention to the lyrics and its meaning. Most of the Bollywood songs are racist, sexist, promote rape culture, and dismiss consent as being essential. Covering the lyrics with peppy beats and catchy lines, Bollywood songs never fail to objectify women. People tend to focus on the extravagant choreography, the glamorous clothes and the actors rather than judging the quality of the song’s lyrics. It is a dire need to raise our voices against such songs especially at this time when songs are easily available and can be streamed anytime and anywhere. Censorship needs to be more strict with respect to such lyrics as Bollywood songs reach about 17% of the world’s population and influence young as well as mature minds. 

Some of the songs that need to be removed from streaming platforms are-

• Jumma Chumma Dede 

A super-hit song from a well-recognised movie, Hum, is rather an example of harassment but everyone sings this song without acknowledging its problematic concept. We should take a second to analyse its lyrics-

Are tu boli thi pichhle jumme ko

Chumma dungi agle jumme ko

Aaj jumma hai to aaja aaja

Aaja aaja aaja aaja”

These lines harass a woman by constantly asking her to give a kiss which she had promised last week. The repetition of the word ‘aaja’ which means come, is abusive. 

• Samundar Mei Nahake

One of the most hit among the old songs, Samundar Mei Nahake is seen as a classic composed by R. D. Burman in the movie Pukar. This song shows women objectification by attributing salty as a quality to the female actress in the song. Here are its lyrics-

“Samundar mei naha ke 

Tuma ur bhi namkeen ho gayi ho”

Constantly listening or singing along with these songs somehow reinforce these values. We need to unlearn these concepts we have integrated into our minds and it is such songs and movies of Bollywood which have popularised them. 

• Gandi Baat

This song of R.Rajkumar promotes rape culture, disregard consent from women, normalise sexual and emotional harassment. Its lyrics are self-explanatory- Achhi batein karli bohot ab karunga tere saath gandi baat (which is a direct rape threat). Another line of this song is “Mooh se kya kya kya, Bol na na na, Mann to mann mann mann ho gaya” which is based on assuming that the woman is also in agreement without taking any kind of consent. 

• Yaad Piya ki Aane Lagi

The romanticisation of problematic behaviour is very frequently represented in Bollywood. One such song is Yaad Piya ki Aane Lagi, even though it is one of the recent songs it still portrays values which should’ve been left behind. It shows the backwardness of our cinema industry. 

The lyrics of this song is – Hum dheere dheere dheere paagal ho rahe hai

Main to mar jaana haye wo na jo milne aaye

Main to mar jaana haye wo na jo milne aaye

Saansein meri hai unke hathon mein

In this, words like ‘paagal’ are ableist and should not be used. This song shows unhealthy dependability on your partner. 

These songs need to be eliminated from our industry as they are negatively influencing the youth along with the rest of the audience. 

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