Friend-ship is the best ship to sail on!!

Friendship isn’t a big thing, it’s a million things. Friendship is an understanding between individuals with an implied mutual agreement to stand by each other at all times. The significance of “friends” can never be replaced. You always need friends to grow, to laugh ,to enjoy, to share and to care. It is all about whom you wanna run to when you are happy and sad. Friends are irreplaceable. They are the ones who encourage your presence, who are more than happy when you achieve something and they are equally sad when you face a failure.

The need for being loved and affiliation is with everyone. Nobody can stay alone and nobody wants to either. When two people click together it is where the bond starts. Lucky are those who have friends and that too real friends.Who do not pretend to be your friend but are true at heart. The friendship gets stronger with time you build trust and compatibility. For any relation to be successful understanding, trust, compatibility are the most important. Because otherwise there is a famous saying that a mobile without sim and a friendship without trust is the same,in both cases people play games. It is also not necessary to say that time is the accurate measure of a strong friendship it is the moments that you spend together counts.

Friends are partners in crime. Whether it be eating lunch between the lecture or bunking the lecture. Whether it is planning to get absent from school or standing outside the classroom for a common punishment. To celebrating birthday parties to career success parties, to watching the sunset or enjoying night outs, friends cherish them all. We think we are having fun but all we do is making memories. You tease each other but you will never let anybody ele tease your friend, you will fight with each other but you will never let anybody else get into a fight with your friend. This is what is friendship. Asking your best friend about what she is wearing for the party or stealing her bobby pins, it’s all these little things that make a big difference.

But there are times when you come across certain people called frenemies. Friends on your face but enemies behind and trust me they are more dangerous than your enemies. Because here you trust them and they betray you. It is said don’t fear the enemy that attacks you but fear the fake friend who hugs you. They use you for their own benefit and and only smile to your face but inside they just envy you and your success. “KAPTI MITR” is something synonymous to a frienemy.

Nevertheless, friends are an integral part of life and it is difficult to stay without them. As you grow older your friendship matures and there will also be times when you will not be able to contact your best of friends daily but then there will be an existence of a mutual understanding. Where your friends know that you people are grown ups and are just a call away. Even if you meet after a week nothing changes you will sill be the same crackpots you were.

So always choose your friends wisely. Focus on quality rather than quantity.Keep the ones that heard you when you never said a thing. Just like “tune jo na kaha mai vo suntan raha” because that is what friends do not only feel but also listen your emotions. When they realize the pain behind your smile ,when they can look straight to your face and tell that something is wrong with you. They read between the lines. And if they don’t may be you need to rethink on your choice of “friends”.

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