Lost Friend.

Everybody wants to dedicate”Tu mera yaar hai” song to their lovely friend. Friend is like a car on life’s highway. So, why we loose them. Let me make you clear and write something on your behalf to your lost one.

If you are reading this you should know, even though you are lost, I still recall you as a friend. Common it’s been a long time since we talked or even messaged each other. I’m starting it or I’m ready to loose if our friendship is on the stake. Will you, my Friend?
Just remember those days, moments, time which we use to spend or Waste together. It was never about the sharing stuff, or telling each other everything, it was all about the bond and trust me when I say, even though we are not together, neither of us is going to find someone like us.
So, what’s the point in staying away?
You must have heard the saying, “it’s all about happiness and comfort”.

And dude, those girls whom we use to stalk at that time, they have turned into something. So, if not for the friendship atleast come back for them.

Share this to your lost friend and let them know how you feel. You git one life.

See yaa..

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