OCD and Dopamine

Obsessive compulsive disorder. You might have read this term in many articles,memes and so many places. But…..OCD is not something to be considered as a joke.

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The disorder is a psychological disorder which includes a ‘certain’ compulsive disorder. Meaning, a person with OCD always has a way of things,and when it does not go that way,it often results in agitation,hypervigilance(increased state of alertness), repetitive movements and so much more.Now you might be like, ‘ Ya,so what?’ The thing is the person with OCD cannot even control their actions. They just simply can’t control their thoughts at all.They often isolate themselves from socialising. Often anxiety , depression and panics are observed within the patients. Now this does not mean that every second person out there has OCD. Obsessive Compulsive disorder is not being annoyed from your room not being clean. Suppose,you have to save a particular presentation. So, you’ll click the save button once a day your work is done. But an OCD patient will click the save button multiple times. And they don’t have a dominance over it. It sort of becomes a natural tendency after sometime. Our brain is a pretty complex concept. It has various components and chemicals which make us experience various types of emotions. One of them is dopamine. What is dopamine? Suppose you like to eat  chocolates every day single day. And it quiet makes you happy. Sure,but when you eat that chocolate, dopamine oxytocin etc. are released within your whole brain. Whenever you do something amusing and mind blowing, dopamine gets released within your body. At some point of time it becomes an obsession. Then you cannot live without it. Why? Because your brain likes to adapt itself in any given condition. Scientists have proven this by experiments,suppose you wear a wristwatch for 3 days straight. After a point of time,your brain eliminates the feeling of the mass of the watch at all. Exactly the reason why we don’t always notice our heartbeat or breathing unless we go for a long run,when the heart has to pump the blood with more intensity,that’s when you sort of feel the heartbeat without actually putting your hand over your heart. Anyways,once your brain gets used to a particular habit,it’s capacity increases day by day. Suppose the first day you drank a cup of coffee,and continued for quite some time . Now your body is used to the caffeine rush of one cup,and now you have to drink  about two cups of coffee to get the same effect as before. Dopamine rush, kind of works similarly. Once you acquire it as an habit,your capacity to hold dopamine increases,and a time comes when you cannot control it at all. Dopamine is a natural component. It will be released in the brain. But the intensity through which it rushes is always up to you.  There is one more enzyme which is released when you are desperate to make a decision. The liquid,maybe flows into the  brain and  makes it very hard for you to make the decision.  The  purpose? Well,it might be a n  indirect indication of the body to calm down and take the decision wisely and with all factors  into the point of view. Thereforevice,experts advise to use dopamine as a reward for whatever good work you do. Make use of this dopamine as a reward for accomplishing small activities which you planned.

So let’s get back to OCD. The major cause of this phenomenon is not exactly known,but a few speculations are maybe made,but not every speculation is true now,is it? People with OCD often suffer with mood swings from few to depression etc. Some may distance themselves from almost everyone and get used to loneliness. And loneliness is the devil’s workshop. There are several cases of OCD as well. The disorder is not a joke.You might think it funny but the issue is more serious than you think.The people have common symptoms like constant nightmares, repeatedly overthinking about any incident that happened. Ya,now you might be like’ Oh my god, I do this as well!!’ But what you do would be milder than what a person with OCD suffers. It makes you sort of classify everything. Literally. From colours to number of bottles in your house etc. People with this avoid contact with any means like a handshake,door lock etc. Makes them have impulsive cleanliness everywhere. The problem  may interfere with your social life,jobs etc.

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OCD is pretty rare and one of the mysteries still to be uncovered. Therefore,not much information is available and which is why awareness is not there within the people. That’s why they find it funny. But the things which are experienced from OCD are not funny.

To calm your panic attacks,here are some ideas you could use-

  1. Use a distraction-  Concentrate on anything which does not remind you of the source of your panic
  2. Take a cool long and deep breath. Often people say that it helped them concentrate on their actual work
  3. Count any five to ten things which you find weird, amusing or distractive. 
  4. Close your eyes for a minute and remember what could be the possible reason for your work to go Wrong. Once you hit the error, do your efficiently and  steadily to avoid any mistake that you did in the past

These are some small tips,but can save from disasters happening!!

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