Social Media : A Social Dilemma

Recently a Netflix documentary has stirred up a lot of controversies on the usage of social media. I believe that some certain parts of our childhood went as an experiment into the growing of the technology. There was this certain period of time when all our answers were found in the libraries and not in the e- resource lab. Our minds have changed in alternative way, changing the way we think and respond.  And most importantly Concentration gap has considerably decreased for most of the teenagers due to their constant usage of phone. It has all turned us time some creature who no longer uses their brain, but just their fingertips.

Media, especially social media has turned around the way our minds work, we are no longer owners of our brain but we are its prisoners. Our minds have turned against ourselves. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations we cannot explain or relate too. It has passively affected the way our minds work. It got into our system and rewired our brain. Quitting can come up as an easy solution but for long will you quit, give up on something that connects you to everyone.

One of the major problems of using internet is that we forget to rely on ourselves sometimes. Assignments, projects are now all googled up and copy pasted and submitted, the student no longer reads a book. Even if someone attempts too, their concentration span has gone down so low that they wont be able to focus for more than 20 minutes.  Are we on the path to self-destruction? That was a constantly asked question around the world. The technology that we build is now turning against us.  The worst part of this is that we do not even realize how much of it has affected us and our mind.

A major impact social media has on teenagers is that it has wired our brains to believe that our potential lies in getting likes or comments from certain posts. Our brain functions in a way where it becomes happy with the mere likes we get on social media and it can turn into depression and a feeling of inferiority when we do not get likes. Social media creates a segregation between the rich and poor. It has become a platform where people show off what they have, this inflicts a sense of disappointment for the ones who do not own a luxury.

What makes human beings so much more different from other creatures on earth is the fact that they have a very capable and efficient brain.  Across these years from the time of humanity, human beings have grown in lot of possible different ways. Human beings had made life smooth with various inventions, it has become so easy that we sometimes simply not use our brains anymore. Life had become so easy with the push of a button that we forget the entire process that had existed once before.

A major reason why we don’t get sleep is because of the tiny screens. We spend so much time using that we no longer become aware of the time. It can cause sleeping disorders as well as eye problems too.

Usage of phones have so much impact on our lives that we sometimes cannot give it up. We can simply never quit from this technological advancement, all we can do is adjust ourselves in a way that it doesn’t become an addiction.